Rekordbox Vs Serato: Which One’s Best in 2024?

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July 5, 2024

Rekordbox Vs Serato

Choosing the best DJ software is vital for delivering great mixes, and Rekordbox and Serato both offer a great selection of DJing tools.

With in-depth music file management, online storage and sharing features, and great effects, they’re both widely used by pros.

In this guide, we’ll help you decide which DJ software is the best for your needs, breaking down the compatibility, features, and much more.

Rekordbox Vs Serato: Which One’s Best In 2024?

Both Serato DJ Pro and Pioneer Rekordbox DJ software have a strong reputation in the industry, with powerful tools to help you create stunning sets.

We’ve broken down all the core features and tools they offer, as well as compatibility with DJ hardware and their use in the DJ industry.

So, let’s dive into this guide and help you choose whether Rekordbox or Serato is right for you in 2024:

About Rekordbox

The Pioneer DJ software Rekordbox started as a basic music management software before expanding into a complete suite.

Dedicated to the company’s extensive line of DJ controllers, it is a firm favorite among pros used to using a high-end club DJ controller.

This ranges from the best house music DJs to wedding DJs looking for a solid and reliable platform for their professional DJ gigs.

Hardware Compatibility

With Pioneer DJ hardware, such as controllers and CDJs, being near-ubiquitous in clubs, their software has become integral for mixing.

As such, Rekordbox software is dedicated exclusively for use with Pioneer DJ hardware, so if you’re using other devices it may not be for you.

While this limitation may be off-putting for some, the pedigree of their controllers makes it likely you’ll be using one at some point in your career.

Their high-end models have received universal praise from reviewers and DJs alike, known for their outstanding features and build quality.

Rekordbox DJ software is also compatible with DVS interfaces and all-in-one systems manufactured by Pioneer.

User Interface

The first thing that strikes users of the Rekordbox DJ user interface is its excellent use of layout and design to make it simple to operate.

There’s a great side-by-side track view to make transitions easy to perform, and it works without needing a connection to a controller.

It also avoids overloading the users with information, so if you’re learning how to make a DJ mix, it will help you with the process.

Rekordbox has the edge over many of its rivals for newcomers who want a professional-looking UI that cuts to the chase.

Library and track information are all listed at the bottom of the interface, providing ease of access to songs from all playlists.

The incoming and outgoing tracks are detailed at the top of the screen, along with waveform information to help avoid peaking.

A metronome feature is a welcome feature for beginner DJs, while beat gridding can help with small corrections on the fly.

For more experienced DJs, Color and Pad FX modes lend Rekordbox a great application for complicated DJ sets and experimentation.

Library Management

A great DJ software offers a comprehensive selection of tools for quickly archiving and managing your digital music library.

With Rekordbox, DJs have plenty of options to help them catalog their tracks by tempo, title, artists, genres, and much more.

There’s a handy ID3 tag window for editing these values, while the drag-and-drop functionality makes comparing different lists intuitive.

If you’ve used DJ pools for promotion, you’ll certainly appreciate the in-depth management options here when preparing a DJ mix.


After the initial launch of Rekordbox DJ software, many users reported frequent crashes and other bugs that affected performance.

Fortunately, these issues are now a thing of the past, with Rekordbox delivering consistent and reliable results with regular updates.

It’s not yet on par with Serato DJ software, but professional DJs have expressed near-universal confidence when using it for gigs.

This makes it suitable for professionals who are DJing at a wedding or warming up the dance floor in their local bar or club.


Rekordbox has come a long way since its origins as a basic music library management system, with lots of outstanding new features.

DJ performance tools, including looping, sampling, and beat jumping, offer a versatile addition to the tools in Pioneer DJ hardware.

You can use the software to record your DJ sets and share these directly online to gather feedback from your fans.

Platforms supported by Rekordbox’s sharing features include TIDAL, Beatport, Beatsource Link, and SoundCloud Go+

The record function also includes recording samples in real-time, whether learning how to DJ house music or hardcore techno.

Rekordbox DJ is also well-served for cloud storage, hooking users up with their Dropbox account and removing the need for an external hard drive.

Expansion packs including Rekordbox Video and Rekordbox DVS are welcome features for DJs who scratch or integrate visuals in their set.

With new features added by Pioneer regularly, it delivers a strong suite of tools that pair well with Pioneer hardware.


Pioneer DJ software Rekordbox’s various pricing options include three paid plans, as well as the free version for Hardware Unlock devices.

The term Hardware Unlock refers to any controllers and other devices developed by Pioneer that give you instant access to Performance Mode.

For paid plans, the company’s plans begin with the most affordable Core plan, followed by the Creative and Professional plans.

Monthly subscriptions begin around $10 rising to around $360, with discounts available to users who sign up for a yearly package.

If you want to install one of the many expansion packs to Rekordbox DJ, these can vary in price from around $10 to around $160.

Bottom Line

One of the biggest draws to using Rekordbox DJ is its strong compatibility with the full suite of Pioneer hardware options.

The ability to manage your music library and export everything to USB makes it optimal for gigging DJs who use in-house Pioneer DJ controllers.

It also offers a complete DJing workflow, from the many FX and Sound Color Effects to recording tools for capturing performances.

Likewise, the sampler lends it a great degree of flexibility for delivering dynamic and creative DJ mixes with real-time responsiveness.

New DJs who are learning how to beatmatch will also find Rekordbox a help rather than a hindrance, thanks to its clean user interface.

There’s a thriving online community of Rekordbox DJs to help learn the ropes and keep on top of the latest software updates.

While the lack of a lifetime license may put off those who prefer to avoid subscriptions, it delivers the goods at a competitive price.

About Serato

Serato DJ Pro has established itself as the foremost DJ software for professionals, with its impressive selection of features and tools.

Used by some of the best old-school DJs, it’s commonly featured in the biggest nightclubs’ main room DJ booths.

Here’s a detailed overview of what you can expect when installing Serato DJ Pro and Serato DJ Lite to use with your DJ equipment.

Hardware Compatibility

Serato DJ Pro has been designed specifically for comprehensive use and is compatible with the leading hardware brands.

It’s an open-ended platform you can use with the best DJ controllers from Rane, Pioneer, and other manufacturers of DJ gear.

Compared to Pioneer’s Rekordbox, there’s a great deal more to choose from in terms of hardware when using Serato’s software.

You can also use Serato DJ Pro software on most laptops and computers with 32-bit operating systems for both Windows and Apple devices.

This makes it one of the most versatile options for those looking for DJ software they can use across multiple devices and controllers.

It’s the kind of flexibility gigging DJs who perform at all types of events appreciate and the most common choice for smaller venues.

User Interface

With its clean use of colors and intuitive layout, the user interface for Serato DJ Pro can be mastered in a short space of time.

Toggling between display and deck modes can be performed with a single click, with track listings featuring a wealth of information.

Integrating advanced DJ techniques into your sets is also easy, from using the sampler and FX to adding new stems.

To help you during a mix, Serato DJ Pro’s user interface uses animated decks with beat-matching data to keep your tracks in line.

Serato DJ Pro also comes with full four-deck support, making it ideal for techno DJs looking to perform long and immersive mixes.

As with Rekordbox, there’s a handy waveform box along with the deck display and the option to reconfigure these in the layout.

You can also apply a variety of looks to the various interface elements and craft a bespoke aesthetic that matches your taste.

In addition to vertical and horizontal layout orientations, there’s an Extended mode that shrinks the deck display to give playlists more prominence.

Cues, loop points, and other features to help with DJ transitions and mixing techniques are all clearly displayed to streamline your mixes.

Library Management

A crucial element of successful DJing is knowing how to manage your DJ playlists and select the best songs on the spur of the moment.

Serato DJ Pro makes this process incredibly easy, using the Crates system to add, organize, and tag a large selection of music files.

Compatibility with iTunes library management tools makes it a great option for collecting tracks on the move and instantly adding to playlists.

These management tools are perfect for DJing in clubs or gigging as a mobile DJ, cataloging your music library with BPM, key, and other data.


If you’re just learning how to become a club DJ or a seasoned pro, you’ll need to know you can rely on your DJ software not to crash mid-set.

On this front, Serato DJ Pro has a strong reputation for consistent performance, with minimal reported issues of lagging or crashing.

The company offers a great deal of support to help customers solve issues, as well as a handy guide to the best computer optimization.

It’s this combination of reliable and stable performance and a responsive technical support team that makes it popular among professional DJs.


Both Serato DJ Pro and Serato DJ Lite have a strong suite of features covering basic mixing along with more advanced techniques.

The ability to add cue points, sync tracks, and use sampler effects as well as stems are all available in each Serato DJ suite.

For professional DJs who need more versatility, Serato DJ Pro throws in a long list of tools that can be used to create unique DJ mixes.

Key analysis allows DJs to perfect harmonic mixing, with the option to use the quantize and beat jump feature for more expressive sets.

The company has also made strides in expanding stem functionality when using the Performance Pad mode during your live sets.

Using this technology, DJs can take any fully-mixed stereo track and quickly isolate instrumentals and acapella into their mixes.

Additional touches found in the Pro version of their DJ software include the ability to record your mixes and review and analyze them later on.

If you’re invested in developing DJ production skills, Serato DJ Pro has full MIDI capabilities in its DJ user interface for live music sets.


One of the main points of contention creatives have is being stuck with a monthly subscription and no option to purchase the software outright.

Serato has avoided this pitfall by offering three different options for users, beginning with the complete free version, Serato DJ Lite.

Lite gives a great insight into basic features, while Serato DJ Pro can be purchased outright for around $249 or with a $9.99 monthly fee.

It’s a flexible pricing package, whether you’re setting up a mobile DJ service or building a home DJ setup to have some fun.

Bottom Line

Serato has had many years of experience honing its DJ software, and Serato DJ Pro exemplifies this approach to satisfying professional DJs.

Indeed, its wide use in the DJing industry and availability in most clubs and bars makes it the go-to software for working DJs.

With broad hardware compatibility and customer support, it delivers consistent and reliable performance whatever your DJ controller.

Likewise, the cutting-edge features, from stem capabilities to a broad selection of effects, make it an incredibly versatile tool.

While it’s the preferred DJ software for many pros, its approachable user interface ensures a smooth learning curve for inexperienced DJs.

There are also hundreds of DJ tutorials online to help new users become accustomed to its workflow and full potential.

Combined with the best DJ speakers and other DJing accessories, Serato DJ Pro prides itself on a top-tier level of sound quality.

If you’re new to the DJ world or looking to upgrade basic software to something more advanced, Serato’s DJ software is a must.

Serato Vs Rekordbox: Our Verdict

Both Serato and Rekordbox offer plenty of compelling reasons to install their products when building a full DJ setup.

While Rekordbox’s restrictive compatibility with Pioneer hardware is a minus, it’s worth bearing in mind the industry-leading status of their controllers.

DJs who aren’t wedded to Pioneer DJ hardware, however, will have many more options for hardware that are compatible with Serato DJ Pro.

Likewise, their free version, Serato DJ Lite, offers users an insight into the tools and other features before requiring an investment.

This fact, along with the option for a lifetime license, makes Serato’s products the clear winner for pricing and availability.

When it comes to DJing tools, it’s neck-and-neck between the two brands, both delivering professional-level features for complex mixes.

Likewise, their file management systems are flexible and user-friendly, although the introduction of Google Drive tech to Rekordbox is noteworthy.

Serato DJ Pros’ beat gridding and noise-mapping features have become a staple of the industry and deliver stability and consistent accuracy.

While Rekordbox falls slightly behind in this regard, the exclusive inclusion of various AI-powered tools offers distinct appeal.

Its far-reaching integration for sharing mixes online also gives Rekordbox a distinct appeal for working DJs with an online presence.

As with weighing up the differences between Traktor vs Serato, your style of DJing and the type of venues you play in matters.

Club DJs with residencies in bars and restaurants will likely opt for Rekordbox, but more flexible DJs may prefer the versatility of Serato DJ Pro.


Leading the industry with their ground-breaking tools, both Rekordbox and Serato are hugely popular among the biggest professional DJs.

If you’ve already invested in Pioneer DJ equipment, Rekordbox DJ will deliver full integration along with powerful effects for your transitions.

Serato DJ software offers comparable tools with more hardware support, but whichever you choose, your DJ mixes will benefit.

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