The 10 Best DJ Forums & Online Communities In 2024

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July 5, 2024

Best DJ Forums

The best DJ forums and online communities feature a broad range of threads discussing all aspects of DJing, from learning the basics to finding new music.

Whether you’re just starting out as a DJ or looking to take your professional career in new directions, you’ll find a wealth of valuable information on these varied DJ forums.

Continue reading, and we’ll explore the topics and message boards the best DJ forums have to offer, from insightful tutorials to cutting-edge DJ technology.

The 10 Best DJ Forums & Online Communities In 2024

With so many different techniques involved in DJing and a long list of software and hardware to choose from, it can be hard to know where to find the best information.

We’ve selected the best DJ forums and online communities that reflect this diverse approach to DJing, while also catering to all levels of experience.

So, without further ado, here’s our list of the best DJ forums and online communities in 2024:

10. Reddit Beatmatch

The online forum and message board website Reddit is the go-to source for hobbyists of all types, so it’s no surprise that DJs are well served on the platform.

There are many great forums available here dedicated to DJing, with Reddit Beatmatch our first pick as an essential port of call for a wealth of useful information.

An incredibly lively and active forum, Reddit Beatmatch takes a broad brush approach to DJing with thousands of members sharing insights on a wide range of related subjects.

There are posts in the Reddit Beatmatch forum reflecting all levels of skill and experience, from members just getting their DJ career rolling to seasoned veterans.

These range from looking for advice on how to master basic mixing techniques to effectively blending different genres in their DJ sets.

Other discussions are more industry-focused and explore topics such as basic requirements for professional gigs and how to present yourself as a professional business.

Reddit Beatmatch also urges members to share their mixes with a weekly mix thread to help you promote your DJ persona and create a resource for promotion.

9. DJ History

Another popular and lively forum for all your DJing queries is DJ History, which combines elements of music production and other tangential subjects together.

As its name implies, there are lots of discussions centering around the highlights of DJing’s illustrious past, from the LA disco scene to buying vinyl in old record stores.

There are also posts that go into detail about the art of digging for rare and classic releases, making it a great resource for vinyl collectors looking to expand their collections.

It’s also a great resource for more practical DJing advice, from how to choose the best PA system to use as a mobile DJ to methods for organizing your library of music.

If you’re looking for hot mixes and interviews from the leading DJs in the industry, DJ History has plenty to offer and covers a broad spectrum of music genres.

There are also posts that veer off-topic, so if you fancy a break from DJing discussions you can interact with like-minded people and discuss movies and lifestyle issues.

It’s a comprehensive resource that covers all aspects of the art form, from the history of record players and turntables to the DJs who helped shape the industry.

8. Future Producers

With DJs increasingly integrating aspects of music production into their live sets, forums such as Future Producers reflect this merging of related disciplines.

This forum boasts a dedicated online community that shares their thoughts and processes on various mixing and scratching techniques along with in-depth production tips.

There are topics exploring the core principles of music theory and how to compose a track, as well as the finer points of sound design and manipulation.

If you’re learning how to use samples to improve your DJ set, or working on a remix or mashup, you’ll find detailed posts that work through each step in detail.

Additional production-related topics are here to help with mixing and mastering, setting up your own recording studio, and showcasing your music.

New DJs can jump straight into the Getting Started forum and access approximately four hundred thousand comments on a range of related topics.

With thousands of threads on music video production and all aspects of DJing, Future Producers offers serious insights from dedicated DJs with years of combined experience.

7. Serato Forums

While some of the best DJ forums take a broader approach to the subject, some such as Serato Forums are more specific in the content they have to offer.

Serato Forums is the go-to platform for a wealth of content and messages focused on the company’s various software offerings and the tools and features they provide.

There are general discussions on Serato DJ Pro and DJ Lite, as well as in-depth conversations about a range of plug-ins and Serato software features.

The forum includes discussions in other languages, with French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Japanese boards for impressive localization.

Serato Forums also includes a section dedicated to general discussions about DJing, with over one million messages to read through and get the information you need.

Committed Serato users can also share their ideas and suggestions for new features they think should be included to improve the brand’s DJ technology.

If you’re a new DJ who has weighed up the options between Traktor vs Serato and decided to go for the latter, Serato Forums is an excellent site to wrap your head around its tools.

6. Reddit Turntablists

Another noteworthy forum featured on the Reddit website that comes highly recommended by DJs is Reddit Turntablists, the home to discussions on everything scratching-related.

There’s a strong emphasis on members sharing videos showcasing their scratching skills, and a clear respect for the art form that runs through the DJ forum.

Members who post these videos urge others to offer their feedback and criticisms, making it a great DJ forum for engaging in a collective learning experience.

Discussions about the best gear for scratching are there to help you find the right tools for your needs, such as picking the most responsive mixer to master scratching techniques.

This includes comprehensive reviews of newly released DJ controllers and traditional turntables from companies such as Technics, Vestax, and Stanton.

If you’re looking for inspiration, members also share classic videos of turntablism legends from the 1970s through to the present day such as G-Bert and Grandmaster Flash.

If you’re looking for a deep dive into the art of turntablism, the Reddit Turntablists forum offers excellent information and is well worth your time exploring.

5. Engine DJ Community

Another DJ forum that is associated with a DJ gear manufacturer is the Engine DJ Community, hosted by the firm behind the embedded creative platform for DJs.

Known for its purpose-built operating system, Engine DJ is designed to enhance your DJing creativity while more effectively managing your library of music.

As such, there’s a strong emphasis on this DJ forum for using Engine DJ on Mac and PC, with lengthy discussions on getting the most out of the software.

There’s also a general discussion area for all types of DJing queries, from new DJ gear announcements to a broad selection of tips and tricks to help improve your sets.

For professional DJs, including wedding and mobile DJs, there’s a section dedicated to lighting and visual FX to help you create eye-catching visual displays.

For non-Engine DJ discussions, the Legacy Products section is the go-to place for chatting about a long list of media players, mixers, and DJ controllers.

Whether you’re looking for the best DJ equipment for beginners or looking for advice on the best ways to sign up for a booking agency, this forum has got you covered.

4. DJ Tech Tools

The DJ Tech Tools website is one of the most authoritative resources available for DJs who want to access the latest news and trends surrounding the art form.

It’s not surprising, then, to see such a vibrant and engaged community in their DJ forums, which is broken into several core categories to help you find what you’re looking for.

The general DJ forums is where broad topics are explored, from showing your new DJ setup and asking for advice to making enquiries about the site’s rules.

For the DJ Gear category, there are threads on all types of hardware and potential mods and upgrades, as well as the finer points of DJing with vinyl.

Just as hardware is covered in detail, so too does the DJ Tech Tools DJ forum cover software in exceptional detail, with dedicated sections for Serato and Rekordbox.

It’s also a good resource for aspiring DJ producers, with thousands of posts exploring Ableton in particular and music production in general to explore.

DJ Tech Tools covers the basics, such as how to clean your DJ gear, as well as offering unique insights from active members discussing everything from music genres to the best software.

3. Reddit DJs

Our third and final pick of DJ forums hosted on the Reddit website is the aptly-titled Reddit DJs, a comprehensive and general forum for all aspects of DJing.

With over two hundred thousand members, Reddit DJs is one of the most popular and active DJ forums available, with many new posts added regularly.

The basic DJing subjects found on most DJ forums are present and correct, from members soliciting advice on techniques to in-depth reviews of new and old gear.

If you’re looking for DJ mixes and podcasts to listen to, you’ll find plenty here to try out and build your network of industry resources to keep on top of the latest releases.

It’s also full of posts about navigating the DJing industry to help you deal with clients, manage your bookings, and network with event planners and venue owners.

This even extends to the best insurance companies to choose for your sets, and how to deal with requests when performing in a new venue.

There are also discussions about how DJing will shape up in the future and the role technological developments such as artificial intelligence will play.

With Pioneer expanding their range of DJ controllers to incorporate tools for open format DJing, it’s another topic that you’ll find being discussed on Reddit DJs.

2. Virtual DJ

Like other DJ forums, the Virtual DJ forums are designed for an international audience, with discussions in English as well as other languages to dive into.

There are boards dedicated to DJ technology such as the titular Virtual DJ, as well as other hardware and software that is popular among DJs.

In addition to general discussions on the art of DJing and how to improve your skills, there’s a broad discussion on music and how to build killer playlists.

For Virtual DJ users, you can explore the various skins on offer, find out about new plug-ins, and make suggestions about which features you’d like to see introduced.

It’s not just text-based discussions you can access on this DJ forum, and there are plenty of video resources to help you develop your DJ career.

There’s everything you need to improve your skills on Virtual DJ, from performance tips to help you become a better DJ to how to network with event planners.

1. DJ Forums

Another hugely popular online forum for all things DJing is DJ Forums, which features over a decade’s worth of content and discussion to work your way through.

It’s an exceptionally broad forum that features discussions on everything from how to perfect advanced DJ techniques to general discussions on playing in clubs.

There are a range of different categories to choose from, beginning with the General category where you can find help as a beginner and learn some of the basic techniques.

Equipment and software are covered in detail in their own categories, exploring how to use hardware from the leading manufacturers and the best software to include in your setup.

If you’re looking for inspiration for new music genres explore or to keep up to date on the latest releases, the Music category is incredibly comprehensive.

Some of the music genres it covers include house and techno, trance, electro, dubstep, and sections for hip-hop and drum and bass, each with hundreds of posts.

Members with gear for sale can post what they have to offer in the Classifieds section of DJ Forums, ranging from DJ controllers to their personal record collections.

Finally, DJ Forums includes a dedicated area for regional discussions, so wherever you’re based in the world, you can discover like-minded DJs in your town or city.


We hope you’ve found this guide to the best DJ forums a useful resource to help you connect with like-minded DJs and develop new skills to improve your DJ sets.

Whether you’re looking for your first DJ controller to mix with or finding out about the best ways to increase your network of contacts, these forums have the information you need.

The more you interact with the community these DJ forums offer, the greater the value they’ll offer as you discover new insights into successful DJing.

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