The 10 Best DJ Booking Agencies In 2024

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July 5, 2024

Best DJ Booking Agencies

The best DJ booking agencies open up new opportunities to develop your career in new and exciting directions, whether you’re performing in clubs or at private events.

With an established history and an extensive network of industry contacts at their disposal, they can connect you with the best clients for highly paid DJing work.

This guide will break down ten of the best booking agencies from around the world, outlining the types of services they offer and how you can apply to be on their roster.

The 10 Best DJ Booking Agencies In 2024

When choosing a booking agency either to hire talent or apply to work with them, you need to consider what services they provide and where they’re located.

This guide features booking agent companies from the most popular cities and countries known for the best nightclubs and events worldwide.

So, without further ado, here’s our list of the 10 best DJ booking agencies in 2024:

10. 4 AM

One of the most fundamental skills needed to promote your music is the ability to reach out to DJ booking agencies and showcase what sets you apart from the competition.

Whether you’re hoping to perform in major nightclubs or prefer the idea of working as a mobile DJ, you need to approach booking agents who are looking for your particular services.

The booking agency 4 AM understands what venue owners are looking for when hiring a DJ, and have put together an impressive line-up of DJs for all occasions.

Based in New York City, they offer a roster of DJs that cater to the city’s nightlife as well as corporate events and weddings for their long list of clients.

If you’re a DJ offering your services and looking for a booking agency to work with, there’s a quick form you can fill in along with links to an example DJ set.

4 AM has picked up several notable awards, including the 360 Entrepreneur for Best Company in 2019 and inclusion in the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Alumni.

Arguably the best DJ booking agency in New York, it offers a great selection of services for event hosters and unique opportunities for DJs who get onto their roster.

9. Prism DJs

From the East Coast of the United States and one of New York’s finest booking agents to the West Coast, where Prism DJs host their event services.

Prism DJs take a unique approach to their business model, representing an eclectic mix of women-identifying DJs along with a supportive network.

Founded by Tessa Young in 2015, the company has worked with corporate and community clients to help them book artists and DJs for these events.

When it comes to corporate events and collaborations, Prism DJs has considerable prestige, working with companies such as Christian Dior, Smirnoff, and Fairfax.

Beginning with just four DJs on the roster, the booking agents have since expanded to over thirty DJs working at events in and around the Los Angeles area.

The agency also provides DJs for weddings, although there are restrictions on the venues they work with, with Marmivon Venues their current partners.

8. Storm DJs

The United Kingdom is widely regarded as one of the best countries in the world when it comes to great electronic music and highly talented DJs.

The UK-based booking agency Storm DJs provides services for corporate and private events, with a line-up of professional DJs who work with the best equipment.

If you’re looking for an open-format DJ for your private event, Storm DJs have got you covered, while their many club-based DJs offer services for any genre you need.

In addition to DJs, they offer a range of live musicians to accompany their sets, from saxophonists and violinists to drummers and singers to help bring the event to life.

They also cover a good selection of services for newcomers learning how to DJ in clubs, and an intuitive application process to be in with a chance of joining their team.

You’ll need at least one year’s professional experience and full DJ training to be considered as an experienced DJ, but beginners can sign up for the training process.

Storm DJs is a great agency for DJs of all levels of experience and styles of DJing, with a high chance of success and a chance to earn money for those who get on their books.

7. The Bullit Agency

For a more international approach to booking DJs, there’s The Bullit Agency, well-established among the staple booking agencies for high-quality electronic music.

Founded in 2000, The Bullit Agency has offices around the world, including in Los Angeles, Washington DC, and New York in the US, as well as a base in Barcelona, Spain.

With so many years in operation under their belt, they’ve accumulated an outstanding roster of talent that includes many names familiar to electronic music fans.

Their DJs range from Grammy-nominated icons such as Danny Tenaglia and Juan Atkins to a long list of rising stars known for their sets in the best nightclubs worldwide.

There’s an emphasis on techno and house with much of the talent, with each DJ given a detailed profile outlining their success in the field and genre offerings.

Each listed DJ also includes a link to their press kit, where you can find out more information on their previous clients, date availability, and how much money they charge.

If you’re hosting a high-profile event or club night and need a DJ who can perform a top-tier set on the best possible sound system, The Bullit Agency comes highly recommended.

6. DJ Agency

Another hugely popular DJ management agency based in the United Kingdom is the aptly-titled DJ Agency, with a history of supplying a range of DJs for all types of events.

This diverse roster of DJs caters to everything from nightclubs and bars to corporate and private events, wedding weekends, and holiday resorts.

This makes it a great resource for aspiring DJs looking for agents that aren’t restrictive on the types of services you’re hoping to offer as a professional DJ.

They offer a quick and easy booking system for their clients to help them focus on getting the service they need and hiring talent that will satisfy their guests.

DJ Agency also takes a proactive approach to adding new DJs to their roster, as well as hosting plenty of DJing job listings on their website to browse.

These can include anything from corporate event DJs in the capital city to resident DJs needed for clubs in Ibiza and other one-off events to help you earn money.

While many of the DJ jobs here are for the UK, the company has an international scope, so it’s well worth checking if you live elsewhere in the world.

If you’re considering applying to DJ Agency, make sure you follow the main steps to promote your DJ business, so you have a stronger chance of success.

5. Most Wanted DJ

While some DJ booking agents adopt a broad brush approach to their services, Most Wanted DJ is firmly dedicated to delivering hard dance for their clients.

This means their impressive roster is full of established and admired DJs who have lots of experience in nightclubs and festivals such as Coachella.

Artists such as Access One, Killshot, and The Destroyer are just a handful of the DJs available through the platform, each of whom is noted for their hardcore style.

It’s also possible to book MCs for your venues and special events, with a small selection including Alee, MC Syco, Nolz, and the Watcher to choose from.

The agents have been operating for many years, developing a clear understanding of all aspects of event planning that is reflected in the high-quality roster available.

This extends to Most Wanted DJ’s specialization in artist management and providing tour concepts, marketing services, and assistance with merchandise production.

It’s a niche but highly experienced agency for hardcore lovers worldwide, and a great illustration of how dance music is the go-to genre for DJs who want to succeed.

4. BPM Artists

The full-service international booking agency BPM Artists was founded by industry veterans with an eye for grasping how the latest technology plays a role.

Focused on electronic music, the agency has consistently promoted growth and is dedicated to offering powerful content for their customer’s events.

They offer an extensive roster of talent for clients, with many outstanding house and techno DJs to choose from when putting on a night at a venue.

In addition to acting as a booking agency for leading DJs, their agents are also available to assist with contract negotiation, media distribution, and label services.

They also provide services for social media and marketing management, making them invaluable for DJs who are aiming to expand their careers into production and other fields.

Beginners who are looking to build their DJ brand can learn a great deal about what’s expected of them from booking agents by checking out BPM Artists.

3. MN2S

Like BPM Artists, MN2S booking agency offers an international service that covers DJs and many other types of entertainment while always looking out for new signings.

As well as providing DJ services, MN2S works with artists and celebrities to help commercial and private events deliver the best show for their guests.

It’s also a platform for promoting top talent, putting them in front of audiences with industry connections, and furthering their chances of career success.

Some of the high-profile DJs on their roster include A Guy Called Gerald, Danny Rampling, and DJ Pierre, reflecting the diverse approach to genres on offer.

Their lineup of celebrity DJs for high-profile events includes Boy George, Helena Christiansen, and Paris Hilton, which gives a clear indication of the high reputation of the agency.

While the appearance of these celebrity names might be daunting for DJs who want to get on their books, MN2S is always on the lookout for new talent.

If you have a strong demo and think you have a shot at delivering the level of DJ sets expected, you can send it to MN2S for their consideration.

2. JW DJ Agency

The UK-based DJ agency, JW DJ Agency, is another long-standing company that has a reputation for providing high-quality dance music DJs for all occasions.

DJs on their roster are known for their creative and versatile mixing abilities, with many of them crossing over into the world of music production.

There’s a detailed recruitment page where you can submit your DJing demo and have an opportunity to join their agency’s roster of talent.

You can choose from a sixty-minute mix of the music genre of your choice or in open format club style, or a thirty-minute mix of commercial and pop music.

JW DJ Agency is particularly keen to work with DJs who can demonstrate an ability to dig deep into various areas of music history and style.

If you’ve taken the time to put together a killer playlist of top trending music and have a strong mix under your belt, it’s worth considering sending it to this agency.

They provide services for bar and club bookings, working with hundreds of venues and private events, so there’s potentially lots of work for those with the skills.

1. The Music Trust

The DJ booking agency The Music Trust is a platform for freelancer DJs of all types and a great example of an agency that helps upcoming DJs get their break.

Established over twenty years ago, The Music Trust has booked DJs all over North America covering all types of events, from corporate events to weddings and birthdays.

They also help local DJs connect with venue owners in their area, finding them one-off guest slots as well as long-term residencies in bars and clubs.

In addition to such smaller-scale events, they also collaborate with big-name DJs for music festivals, concerts, fairs, and even block parties.

The Music Trust also has access to a warehouse of music gear, DJ controllers, professional sound systems, and impressive lighting rigs to help bring events to life.

Whether you’ve dedicated time researching how to DJ a wedding or are looking for your big break into performing in nightclubs, The Music Trust has plenty of opportunities.


That’s a wrap on this guide to the best DJ booking agencies you can check out if you’re hoping to take your DJ career in a professional direction and start earning money.

While the competition for getting on a booking agent’s roster is strong, it’s a great way to transform a hobby into a profession while getting better at something you love.

As you pick up more DJ gigs over time, you can use this experience to improve your brand and archive mixes and work with bigger and better agents.

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