How DJs Find Top-Trending Music

“Crate digging” has drastically evolved over the years and let’s face it, while it has always been one of the exciting parts of being a DJ, less digging means more mixing! Ideally, DJs should have one place that they can rely on for not only music discovery, but also music downloading. Well folks, this is called a DJ Record Pool! Becoming a member of ZIPDJ, is more than just unlimited downloads — it is by far the most effective way to find the current trending songs of today. Here are a couple ways to do it, paid and free:

Using ZIPDJ to Quickly Find Top-Trending Tracks

ZIPDJ members have it the easiest, by far, when it comes to identifying, downloading, and addingthe latest tracks to your DJ library. To do this, simply LOG IN to the DJ Record Pool and you will immediately be taken to the “New Releases” page. From there, you can use the tabs at the top to navigate to the “Top Downloads”, “Trending Charts”, and “Top Charts” pages. The “Trending Charts” page is powered by data gathered in the Record Pool, as well as data tracked across the web, to make sure you are always seeing what is hot, now! Take your time and preview the tracks, or just get downloading and on your way to your next gig!

Not Ready to Become A Member? Here’s How You Can Still Find What’s Trending

If you are not ready to commit to a membership just yet but are still looking to learn what tracks are trending, there is still a great way to have daily access to the trending charts that ZIPDJ offers. First off, if you are not subscribed to the ZIPDJ newsletters, we suggest you get yourself subscribed! Each newsletter includes an overview chart of the Top 20 Trending Tracks. For more in-depth and daily data, head over to the ZIPDJ Homepage. Right there on the homepage you can find the top tracks broken down into the following charts: “Trending”, “Club”, “Dance”, “House”, “Urban”, and “Latin” — no login required! So DJs, there you have it. This is “crate digging” reimagined. ZIPDJ is the easiest way to find what you are looking for, paid or free. Happy downloading!