How Much Does A Wedding DJ Cost?

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January 31, 2023

Wedding DJ Cost

Planning a wedding day can be stressful, with wedding DJ prices an essential factor to consider in the overall budget for your big day.

Wedding DJ costs include everything from the equipment and music library the DJ brings on the wedding day to consultations with the bride and groom.

Let’s dive in and find out how much you can expect to pay for professional DJ services to bring an authentic party atmosphere to your wedding reception.


How Much Does A Wedding DJ Cost?

The cost of hiring a wedding DJ varies wildly, beginning with low-budget events starting under $500 and offering basic DJing services.

A full high-end wedding DJ in metropolitan areas can set you back upwards of $2,000 and includes extras such as lighting systems and live musicians.

With many factors to consider, we’ve broken down everything you need to know about wedding DJs, so you can effectively plan your wedding budget.

Here’s our complete guide to everything you need to know about the cost of a wedding DJ:


What Services Do Wedding DJs Offer?

The basic service you can expect when hiring a wedding DJ is the continuous performance of music throughout the wedding reception.

This music will cover a broad range of popular music, including any requests made in advance from the bride and groom and additional requests from the guests.

While it is possible to save money and DJ with Spotify, the quality of the mixing and overall library of music a wedding DJ offers will deliver a much better wedding ceremony.

The DJ will create a comprehensive wedding playlist using various sources, usually signing up to a DJ pool to ensure they’re on top of the latest releases.

Some wedding DJs offer an emcee service, making announcements throughout the reception, introducing those giving toasts, and keeping the atmosphere vibrant.

Their skill lies in reading the crowd and judging the best music to play to ensure your guests are having a great time and spending time on the dance floor.

Additional services some wedding DJs provide include their own equipment and sound system and services such as photo booths and video screens.


What Other Factors Impact The Price?

Hiring a DJ comes with the basic cost of a great DJ’s services, but other factors can push wedding DJ prices higher you need to consider.

The venue size and setting can increase costs, particularly if you want the DJ to set up their gear outside, which requires additional cables and a more lengthy set-up process.

If the DJ lives far from the venue, they may bill you for their travel time and expenses, so bear this in mind if choosing a venue in a remote location.

Some wedding DJs offer additional services and equipment on top of their basic package, for example, performing with a live musician or singer.

While these extras might be cheaper than a full wedding band, if you want to save money, you might want to stick with the DJ as your primary source of wedding music.


Does A Wedding DJ Provide Equipment?

Professional wedding DJs and DJ companies bring to the table high-quality equipment you can expect to be included in the average wedding DJ cost.

They use reliable, tested, and well-maintained equipment, giving you the peace of mind that your wedding reception will run without a hitch.

A wedding DJ’s equipment includes DJ controllers and a mixer, with amplifiers and speakers to play the music to guests on the dance floor.

They’ll also bring their headphones, a microphone for guest speeches and other announcements, and all the necessary cables to connect everything together.

There are also various add-ons that a wedding DJ offers, each of which can potentially increase the overall wedding budget required for their services.

Karaoke services, fog machines, lasers, and other features sometimes associated with the best DJ visuals can also increase the overall cost of a wedding DJ.

While some wedding DJs provide some basic lighting, this isn’t typically included in basic packages, and many venues have lighting rigs for wedding entertainment.

A professional wedding DJ understands how to get the most from this equipment, using the best DJ transitions to keep the music flowing throughout the evening.


What Questions Should You Ask Before Hiring A Wedding DJ?

Sitting down with a potential DJ before the wedding date is essential to ensure they offer the right package for your requirements.

This means involving them in the wedding planning process so that they are up-to-date on the important moments on the wedding day, from the best man speech to the first dance.

When meeting with the DJ to discuss your expectations for the wedding party, consider asking the following questions.


Q1. What Types Of Music Genre Do You Prefer To Play?

A professional wedding DJ will come prepared with a great selection of tried and tested wedding music, but each bride and groom have their own favorite songs they’d love to hear.

Asking the DJ about their taste in music is an important way to find out if their taste gels with yours and is in keeping with the kind of atmosphere you want to create.

When putting together a wedding planner, working closely with the DJ to compile playlists helps to deliver a DJ service in line with expectations.


Q2. Do You Have Any Recordings Of Previous Weddings You’ve Performed At?

Many DJ companies will bring a portfolio of their previous work for the bride and groom to view before deciding.

Checking out photos and videos from previous weddings will give you a clearer idea of what you can expect and help you hire the right DJ.


Q3. What Do You Include In Your Rates?

Before hiring a DJ, you should seek clarification on what services they include in their basic package and any fun extras that come at an additional cost.

Most DJs include clearly defined price ranges at different budget levels, including the equipment they provide and their hourly rates.

If you’re looking at including a wedding band, photo booths, or other extras beyond a basic DJ set, make sure you know exactly how much these will cost.


Q4. Does Your Fee Include Insurance And Other Operational Costs?

Insurance and operational costs can sometimes sneak into an invoice under the radar, so you need to be clear they have DJ insurance before committing to hiring a DJ.

These operational costs include office and storage space rental, business licensing, and other marketing costs associated with the DJ for your wedding.

While most wedding vendors will cover the insurance cost, sometimes this can be picked up by the wedding DJ, so make sure you ask if this is included in the rate.


Q5. Have You Played At The Wedding Venue Before?

A wedding DJ with prior experience playing at your wedding venue of choice is more likely to be aware of any quirks that might cause issues.

They will also be familiar with the venue’s acoustics and other important factors, such as access to power sources and other amenities.

Many DJs will proactively check out the wedding venue in advance, so if they haven’t already performed there before, try to hire a DJ who has done their due diligence.


What Is The Average Price For A Wedding DJ?

The average wedding DJ cost is impacted by various factors, from the level of experience and range of equipment included to the location of the wedding venue and duration of the event.

Low-budget wedding DJs can cost as little as $450 for a basic package, while in the upper range, a comprehensive package can set you back upwards of $2000.

Here are the main factors affecting the average cost you can expect to pay when you hire a DJ for your wedding.


Rural Areas

The average cost of a DJ for weddings in rural communities tends towards the low end of the price spectrum, with rates beginning around $1,000.

You can expect to pay the additional costs for lighting and other extras as you’d pay elsewhere, on top of the basic DJ services and audio equipment.

Travel expenses can also raise the rates for rural areas, so check with the DJ before hiring them in case they have a long commute to the venue.


Small To Mid-Sized Cities

Hiring a DJ in smaller and medium-sized cities is more expensive than in rural areas, with the average cost starting at around $2,000 for the basic packages.

For a high-end service from a reputable wedding DJ delivering a complete package of features, this price can rise as high as $5,000.


Metropolitan Areas And Large Cities

As with small and mid-sized cities, a basic wedding DJ package in large cities and metropolitan areas can start at around $2,000.

However, signing up for the best wedding DJ services possible in these areas can rise as high as $10,000 and include a level of service not often found in smaller locations.


Budget-Friendly Wedding DJs

If you want to save money, you can hire a budget-friendly wedding DJ to play music at your evening party for under $500.

This is a good option for those on a tight budget who can’t afford live bands and other expensive services and want someone to play music for a few hours.

However, be aware that wedding DJs in this budget range are often just starting in the DJ business and are likely working part-time or as a side gig.


Full-Time Professional Wedding DJs

A professional wedding DJ dedicated to delivering a high-quality service offers a much bigger range of services than the budget-friendly DJ and comes at a price that matches.

These DJs offer services beginning at around $1,300, rising as high as $3,000 for a complete package at a wedding in larger cities.

The standard of service will be much higher, with the DJ using a range of DJ techniques in their set, a fantastic selection of suitable music, and the relevant licenses and insurance coverage.



That wraps up this complete breakdown of how much a wedding DJ costs and what to expect when hiring them for your wedding day.

There are options available for weddings of all budgets and locations, so make sure you use this guide as a checklist before hiring a DJ.

A great DJ brings an invaluable contribution to the event, playing songs that will help make the wedding reception a cherished, memorable moment.


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