The 10 Best DJ Apps For Mixing On The Go

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January 31, 2023

Best DJ Apps

The best DJ apps offer DJs an excellent way to take their skills on the road, drawing on their music libraries to create beats and mixes without needing hardware.

With many features found in high-end DJ software such as Ableton Live, these DJ apps offer a versatile selection of tools suitable for both beginner and pro DJs alike.

Read on, and we’ll break down all these apps’ tools and features, from setting up hot cues for mixes to adding drum pads to create your own beats.


The 10 Best DJ Apps For Mixing On The Go

The most popular DJ apps incorporate all the tools you need to create unique sets from your mobile and tablet on the go.

We’ve broken down the mixing tools and other features these apps deliver and the device compatibility you need to know.

Here’s our complete guide to all the DJ apps for Android and iOS you can access today:


10. Party Mixer

Beginners and intermediate users looking for entirely free DJ apps will find plenty to love with Party Mixer.

The app includes all the basic functions you need to play seamless music, adjusting the pitch and tempo of tracks and blending them with a cross-fader.

There’s also the option to build playlists drawn from your music library, editing and expanding these playlists as your music collection grows over time.

In-app tutorials are there for the absolute beginner. An auto mixer setting also allows you to mix music without any input needed, making it ideal for casual users.

For iPhone and Android devices, additional features available in the free version include the ability to seek precise moments within a given track and easily search your playlists.

A broad selection of audio file formats is supported with Party Mixer, including MP3, MP4, Ogg, FLAC, and WAV, giving users complete control over the sound quality of their mixes.

It’s one of the best free DJ apps for developing your mixing skills and learning some of the easy DJ transitions you need to master before taking your sets in interesting new directions.

Casual DJs who don’t want to invest in expensive DJ controllers and would like a simple DJ app to mix their favorite music tracks will find Party Mixer an excellent entry-level option.


9. DJ Studio 5

A more comprehensive DJ app than Party Mixer, available as a free version, is DJ Studio 5, with many core features accessible without needing in-app purchases.

DJ Studio 5 is among the most popular DJ apps for Android, with a clean, user-friendly interface for both basic mixing skills and more complex techniques for professional DJs.

Beginners can use the app to become accustomed to basic mixing techniques such as beat matching and syncing and create music of their own in the form of remixes.

Additional free features include eight sound effects and 10 sample pads, which can help users introduce more texture and variety to their chosen music.

While the app does feature ads, there’s an in-app purchase you can pick up to remove these from the platform to deliver a more streamlined, uninterrupted experience.

If you’re looking for the best DJ apps to mix with Spotify, DJ Studio 5 is a great choice, as it supports this popular music streaming platform.

DJ Studio 5 is only available for those who use an Android device, so if you’re an Apple-only user, you’ll have to check out some of the alternatives featured here.


8. Edjing Mix

Edjing Mix is another powerful free DJ app available for Apple and Android users that allows you to beat, sync and blend tracks using its virtual DJ mixer.

Users can line up two tracks from various resources, making it a good DJ software app for those who have signed up for a DJ pool and built up a collection from various music genres.

The DJ app also supports Deezer and SoundCloud, allowing users to expand their local library and browse music from multiple sources.

Once you’ve completed your latest set, Edjing Mix allows you to save them and upload them to cloud storage to share online with friends.

There’s also the option to save your music creation as a ringtone, giving you, even more, versatility once you’ve compiled your own mixes.

In addition to the basic mixing features, there are customization options that include sound effects and EQ settings that emulate professional DJ controllers’ tools.

If you don’t want to carry around cumbersome DJ mix pads but want to retain the versatility they offer, Edjing Mix delivers a great compromise for an on-the-go DJ setup.


7. Music Maker JAM

Another excellent free DJ app for Android and iOS is Music Maker JAM, which doubles up as a handy tool for aspiring music producers and DJs looking for versatile apps.

It’s a producer-first application that combines elements of DJ software with production tools, allowing users to make their own music to use in their DJ sets.

The software comes with hundreds of sound packs and loops from a broad selection of popular music genres catering to all tastes, including hip-hop, EDM, house, pop, and rock.

The in-built 8-track mixer offers plenty of scope for users to create beats and use sample tracks to their full potential, recording the results for posterity.

Club DJs looking into how to mashup songs from their mobile can sink their teeth into the more advanced tools, including real-time effects such as reverb, delay, and stutter.

You can even use Music Maker JAM to record vocals to use in your new tracks, making this one of the best DJ apps for creatives looking for pro features alongside the basics.


6. Cross DJ

With its long-standing reputation as one of the best DJ apps for creating a full DJ set, Cross DJ is another feature-rich entry into the online DJ space.

It’s especially good at detecting a track’s BPM, which other DJ apps can sometimes struggle with, giving it an edge for pros looking for a reliable backup option.

This accuracy with BPM allows users to quickly learn how to beatmatch through beat grid editing, which is one of the most fundamental techniques all DJs need to know.

Cross DJ works with your local music library, with the additional option to use tracks from SoundCloud, although you’ll need to purchase the full version to unlock this feature.

As well as the basic features expected from DJ apps that replicate the features on a hardware controller, there are other features you can add through in-app purchases.

These include sample packs, an auto mixer feature, and even external mixer support, making Cross DJ the perfect app for those who already have hardware and need an app that offers support.


5. Groovepad

Groovepad is another versatile app with both an iOS and Android version that offers many more features beyond the basic mixing tools.

It includes all the features you need to beat-match your music into mixes, with many more customizable tools for beginner and intermediate users alike.

You can access a great collection of music tracks to mix with the pitch control and beat sync tools, creating high-quality mixes with minimal experience.

This makes Groovepad a solid app that you can use to practice the DJ techniques you need to master to perform on par with a professional DJ.

Beyond its ability to emulate DJ software, Groovepad also includes a drum pad machine to lay down your own beats and create a vibrant party atmosphere.

There are also plenty of effects found on production software such as Ableton Live, including reverb, filters, delays, and a flanger, with new stuff constantly being added to the app.


4. WeDJ

WeDJ is another popular application that allows you to explore DJ tips and tricks to improve your skills, with an easy-to-use interface and shallow learning curve.

Developed by Pioneer, WeDJ is designed to the high standards you’d expect from a company with a reputation as a titan in its field.

Its gorgeous neon-infused interface and easy-to-use features allow users to crossfade, beat sync, and easily set up hot cues.

Beginners can work through the in-app tutorials, and all mixes can be recorded and easily shared on social media pages.

Additional features include basic yet essential effects tools to bring more texture to your mixes, including reverb and delay.

As well as being compatible with most smartphones and tablets, you can also use WeDJ with a selection of Pioneer DJ controllers, which is ideal for DJs invested in this hardware.


3. djay Pro

For more experienced DJs looking for a DJ app with applications in the club setting, djay Pro is an award-winning system that impresses on many levels.

It has all the basic features needed to learn and master DJing, seamlessly integrating with and accessing your music playlists.

This includes a great selection of compatible streaming services, including SoundCloud, Tidal, Beatport, and Beatsource.

Play with the interface, and it’s easy to see why Djay Pro won an Apple Design award; it’s stunningly designed with all elements and tools clearly displayed.

The AI-based digital vinyl control system sets Djay Pro apart from many other DJ apps, which allows users to hook up a compatible scratch mixer to their phone.

Dedicated hardware, including Reloop’s officially-branded controllers, makes this one of the best DJ apps available for serious DJs who want as much flexibility as possible.


2. Traktor DJ

Traktor Pro is a name familiar to most DJs with even a limited amount of experience, used by amateurs and professionals alike to compile impressive sets.

With Traktor DJ, users get many of the features available in its bigger brother, but with the option of using it on iOS devices.

While Traktor DJ sacrifices some of the features and flexibility of the Pro version, it still offers more than just the basic mixer, faders, and EQ used for basic mixing.

This includes a neat adjustable looper and freeze mode and the option to mix directly from your Soundcloud Go+ account.

It’s a comprehensive tool you can use to learn how to scratch DJ when hooked up to a controller, which is especially handy for DJs focusing on hip-hop sets.

If you’ve already invested in a Traktor Pro setup, the ability to share library data from Traktor DJ makes it a no-brainer for DJs who like to mix when on the road.


1. Pioneer DJ Rekordbox

Returning once again to Pioneer, their flagship DJ Rekordbox offers a complete toolset of DJ mixing software and is widely used in the music industry.

Its cloud-based track organization tools are second to none, allowing users to access millions of tracks and analyze their core characteristics quickly.

This includes BPM, key, and phrasing information, making lining up relevant tracks on the go incredibly simple, as well as accurate.

You can also use an edit mode to knock together quick remixes of your favorite tracks on the fly, which can then be easily transferred into your mixes.

Some of the features require hardware to get the most out of the system, and if you’re looking for full cloud capabilities, you’ll need to invest in a monthly subscription.

For those who are learning how to DJ house music and want an exceptional app to help perfect your skills, the Pioneer DJ Rekordbox app is, in our opinion, the best DJ app on the market.



So there you have it, our complete overview of the best DJ apps you can use to create music and mixes on the go.

Replicating many of the tools found on a DJ mixer, these virtual DJ apps will allow you to start mixing your next DJ set without a steep learning curve.

While some require in-app purchases to access more features, these DJ apps for Android and iOS offer beginners the DJ tools needed to begin their DJing journey.


Unleash the full potential of these DJ apps for Android and iOS, and sign up to ZIPDJ to access tracks from a broad selection of popular music genres.

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