How To Get Unreleased Music

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January 31, 2023

How To Get Unreleased Music

Finding out how to get unreleased music is one of the first steps a DJ should take to set themselves apart from the competition and perform truly memorable sets.

Many resources are available for unreleased tracks, ranging from PR companies and promo lists from record labels to cutting-edge DJ pools featuring exclusive content.

Read on, and we’ll break down everything you need to know to get your hands on the best-unreleased music to deliver unique and exciting mixes.


What Is Unreleased Music?

Unreleased music refers to music that has been produced but not yet released to the public, whether from an upcoming album, EP, or single.

This can include tracks scheduled for official release, songs intended for a previous album but removed before release, or one-off tracks without a planned release date.

Often challenging to come by, unreleased songs are sometimes highly sought after by DJs since acquiring them means they can play new music that other DJs won’t have.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can gain access to unreleased tracks to use in your latest DJ mix and invigorate them with new music.


How To Get Unreleased Music

Finding out how to get unreleased music means understanding the various sources music producers use to push their new tracks online and through physical media.

We’ve covered all the options you can consider when hunting down unreleased music, from following your favorite record labels to signing up for the best DJ record pools.

Let’s dive into our list of the ten best places to get unreleased music:


Option 1: Sign Up For Promo Lists

Promo lists are available for many influencers and creatives, from bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts to makeup and clothing influencers.

DJs can also sign up for promo lists to help them access the latest unreleased tracks, whether a new song from their favorite artist or a preview of an upcoming album.

It isn’t always easy to get accepted on promo lists, and if you’re a new DJ just starting out, you may need to build a following before these PR companies send you unreleased music.

If accepted, you may find you’re expected to help promote these unreleased tracks across your social media platforms to help push their online reach.

Signing up for promo lists should be a key priority when starting a DJ business since this will also give you insights into the artists and releases that are considered hot in the DJ industry.


Option 2: Go Straight To Record Labels

More established DJs, such as the best house music DJs, often go straight to their source for unreleased music, acquiring content directly from a record label.

Reaching out to your favorite record label, interacting with them on social media, and sharing your sets featuring their previous releases is a great place to broach the subject.

While the more prominent international labels won’t be much help if you’re a new DJ, smaller independent labels specializing in more niche genres may be happy to oblige.

If you have a presence in the DJ community, such labels will see you as an opportunity to reach their core audience and gauge their reaction on the dance floor.

Reach out to the media relations person at your record label of choice and show that you are passionate about their music, and if they like your style, they will send you unreleased tracks.


Option 3: Network With DJs & Producers

With the DJ community built around networks and relationships, it can often be the best source for unreleased music to add to your library.

DJs and producers will interact with one another regularly since they have a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship.

You don’t have to know any DJs or producers personally and can reach out on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, among others.

When doing so, try to bring something valuable to the table, such as feedback and expressing how much you enjoy their content and have the desire to support their success.

Once you’ve developed a rapport, let them know about your DJing activities, such as the venues you play, and ask if there’s a process for you to receive their unreleased music.


Option 4: Get Into Music Journalism

If you’re passionate about the music you play, sharing this with other fans through music journalism effectively increases your contacts list for unreleased music.

Setting up a blog or website to review the latest unreleased music is also a great way to promote your music if you’re an aspiring producer looking to expand your reach.

Over time, you can build up a portfolio of music journalism that showcases your writing style and taste in music, then look into writing for a professional outlet.

Many music websites cover all kinds of genres, and while it’s undoubtedly competitive to get a staff writing gig somewhere like DJ Mag, they may accept freelance contributions.

Smaller publications such as local magazines and events blogs are also great places to cut your teeth on music journalism while connecting with DJs and producers in your area.

Additionally, music journalism involves coverage of events and gigs, which gives you a perfect opportunity to network with talent and meet other DJs.


Option 5: Start A DJ Residency

Record labels and music producers are always keen to see how a crowd reacts to their upcoming releases, pushing them to established DJs they know have a decent following.

Starting your own DJ residency is a great way to get unreleased music, bringing inherent value to the table that labels and producers actively seek.

If you’re new to the scene, you should find out how to get DJ gigs and work with local venues and promoters interested in your music style.

Once you’ve established a residency, your network of fellow DJs and producers will expand, putting you on their radar when pushing the latest unreleased tracks.

As your DJ residency becomes more popular, bigger labels, PR companies, and artists will be happy to send you more unreleased music they’d like you to promote.


Option 6: Host Events For Other DJs

Whether you’ve established a DJ residency or have contacts at local venues you can use, hosting events for other DJs can also open up access to unreleased music.

Putting on events develops networks of like-minded DJs and artists who all have their own contacts so that you can pool resources together.

It will also expose you to a broader range of music styles and genres, helping you to grow creatively and professionally as your relationships develop.

While you might struggle to organize events at the biggest clubs in major cities, there’s nothing to stop you from working with bars and other smaller venues to establish a reputation.

You can also use social media to build a DJ brand and reach out to venue owners and promoters looking for DJs that match your particular style.

The more events you host, the stronger your network of contacts will become, increasing your odds of gaining access to the latest unreleased music.


Option 7: Join An Online Music Community

Online communities are also great spaces where you can find out where other DJs get their music from, in case there are resources you’ve overlooked.

There are many places online where you can get involved with the DJing community, from TikTok and SoundCloud to Instagram and Facebook.

Facebook, in particular, hosts public and private groups where aspiring and experienced DJs engage with one another about the music they love.

Mainstream social media platforms are also great for pushing your brand to your fanbase, but there are dedicated online communities where DJs share their insights.

Websites like Reddit host many discussion forums about DJing and sharing resources for unreleased tracks, including their productions.

Such communities are also an excellent way to access events and gigs and acquire merchandise and other perks you won’t find anywhere else.


Option 8: Share Your Own Unreleased Music

Budding music producers who have unreleased tracks are uniquely positioned to barter with other DJs and producers with their unreleased music.

While it’s always a good idea to try out your unreleased music during your own DJ sets, getting other DJs to play them also helps spread their content to a wider audience.

This should be considered part of a reciprocal arrangement, with those you share your tracks with returning the favor in kind and passing on their unreleased music for you to play.

Since you have complete control over your music and the associated rights, you’re free to work with whomever you please when promoting one another’s tracks.

Before doing so, you should agree upon any terms and document the fair-use trade before sharing your unreleased tracks to avoid potential conflict.

This will ensure everyone agrees with how the music will be used and prevent any malicious suits in the event a DJ makes it big with your unreleased track.


Option 9: Start An Online Radio Show Or Podcast

Online radio shows and podcasts continue increasing in popularity and have become the go-to resource for music fans, producers, and DJs.

Hosting your own radio show or podcast, whether independently or via one of the many digital radio stations online, is an effective strategy to stay connected with the latest trends.

As your show gains new listeners and becomes more popular, you’ll gain the attention of labels and producers looking for outlets to promote their content.

Once you’ve established a following, you can also reach out to your favorite artists and labels and offer to plug their upcoming unreleased music on your show.

Additionally, you can look into the various options you have to livestream your DJ sets, then use these streams to supplement your podcasts with content showcasing your DJing abilities.

When combined with your social media presence and a website, an online radio show or podcast demonstrates that you can be taken seriously as a DJ and influencer.


Option 10: Sign Up For A DJ Pool

Another tried and tested method for accessing unreleased tracks is to check out some of the best DJ apps you can use to expand your DJing horizons.

This includes DJ record pools, allowing you to access a broad selection of unreleased music without worrying about copyright issues.

This means you can legally play all the music you download from a record pool online and in clubs, so if you have a residency or radio show, you don’t have to worry about violations.

Some of the most successful DJs choose ZIPDJs record pool since our pool offers a comprehensive selection of unreleased tracks across a broad spectrum of genres.

DJ pools offer a vast back catalog of music catering to various music genres for a flat monthly fee, but what really counts is the access to unreleased music you’ll get when you sign up.

With regularly uploading new unreleased tracks that are exclusive to their service, they offer a guaranteed stream of fresh and original music for your DJ sets.

The subscription model makes the entire process as fuss-free as possible, so you know exactly what you’re getting and don’t have to worry about any hidden costs.

It’s the best value-for-money option for accessing unreleased music to help you put on live sets and mixes with tracks other DJs won’t have access to.



That wraps up our comprehensive guide exploring how to find unreleased music you can use to create unique and original DJ sets.

While some of these resources are restricted to established DJs, there’s plenty here to help you get unreleased music, even if you’re new to the DJing community.

As your experience grows over time, you’ll gain access to even more exclusive tracks and develop a reputation for excellent DJ sets full of fresh and exciting content.


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