The 10 Best DJ Websites To Follow

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February 1, 2023

Best DJ Websites

The best DJ websites are excellent inspiration for up-and-coming DJs looking to develop a brand, connect with venue owners, and reach a bigger audience.

There are thousands of great DJ websites online, and we’ve hand-picked ten of the best to help you build your website that connects with fans and booking agents.

Continue reading, and we’ll break down each website and how they combine a unique visual style with incredible functionality for a solid user experience.


The 10 Best DJ Websites To Follow

Creating an awesome DJ website requires careful consideration of your content, style, and user experience that keeps fans coming back for more.

We’ve broken down the best free DJ websites to cover these core elements, so you can create a template that truly captures your style.

Here are our top 10 recommendations for the best DJ websites to follow:


10. Dubfire

A good DJ website needs to blend an eye-catching visual style with ease of use, and Dubfire’s website is a solid example of how to do this right.

Load up the site, and it gets straight to the point with a bold, full-screen advertisement for the artist’s new music and a button to listen now.

Dubfire, aka Ali Shirazinia, is a popular electronic music DJ with a busy touring schedule, with links to his upcoming tours featured prominently on the homepage.

Overall, it’s an easy-to-navigate website, with the main menu options for his about page, tour information, and store all accessible from the top of the page.

Additional variety on the homepage includes a showcase of his popular tracks and a colorful gallery of images taken from his official Instagram account showing his live events.

If you’re looking into how to live stream your DJ set, Dubfire features his live stream embedded as a YouTube video from which you can draw inspiration.

Visit his music page, where all his songs are listed, accompanied by their original cover artwork and external links you need to download or stream them online for free.

Dubfire’s site covers plenty of ground without appearing too cluttered, with clear logos for his social media pages making it easy to connect with him.


9. Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix is one of the leading DJs in EDM, known for his impressive use of the best DJ visuals and show-stopping live performances.

The official Martin Garrix website is as aesthetically jaw-dropping as you’d expect, with vibrant photos from his performances integrated into animated elements.

While some of the more basic DJ website templates might struggle to achieve the complexity on display here, the site is full of interesting features to try.

Garrix’s latest song greets you on loading the homepage, with horizontally scrolling venue names in beautifully-designed fonts sitting beneath.

The animated elements make this one of the best DJ website examples, notably the clean white cross logo that helps navigate the site.

These break up the visual pace and reveal a gallery of images and quotes from Garrix, as well as links to his DJ sets, tracks, and videos from his previous world tours.

With an intuitive store and simple functionality when booking event tickets, it’s a great DJ website you can visit to help build your website templates.


8. Anthony V Paris

The official Anthony V Paris website takes a different approach to websites for club DJs, with Paris primarily offering his services as a wedding DJ in Paris and the surrounding area.

As such, the visual style and overall tone are adjusted to reflect his core business model rather than showcase free DJ sets and other content associated with bigger artists.

A full-screen video of Paris DJing at a wedding is the first thing visitors see when opening his DJ website, with the footage utilizing beautiful depth of field to soften the image.

Menu options unobtrusively line the top of the screen, so you can quickly access additional pages such as the contact page, testimonials, examples of works, and a list of services.

In addition to wedding DJs, this type of DJ website design is better oriented to those building a client base working with events DJs and other commercial gigs.

To this end, Paris uses his DJ website to showcase exactly what clients can expect, with clear and concise text detailing his services and the creative team involved.

If you’re researching how to market your DJ business and are looking for great DJ website examples from a professional, Paris’s DJ website is an excellent point of reference.


7. Todd Terry

Putting together a great DJ website is one of the first steps to building a DJ brand, so it makes sense to take some inspiration from some of the most successful artists working today.

Todd Terry’s extensive track record as a popular house music DJ known for his fun and uplifting sets makes him a perfect choice when researching the best DJ websites for music.

The official, Todd Terry website, is simple yet effective, with a dynamic full-page photo from one of his shows greeting visitors on the home page, together with the logo and navigation links.

Terry keeps the rest of the homepage to a minimum, with just a new music playlist and a few social media page links, so fans can easily connect with him.

Site navigation from the aforementioned links is simple, with the radio page in particular, a great example of a DJ website offering plenty of free online playlists to listen to.

There’s a store allowing fans to purchase merchandise, and overall this website template shows what can be accomplished if you keep things nice and simple.


6. Jauz

One common mistake new DJs make is setting up a haphazard website with poor graphics, a confusing interface, and an amateurish look and feel.

As with all the best DJ websites, the official Jauz website perfectly combines a distinct aesthetic style with functionality and a wealth of information.

Each of the main sections of the DJ website – music, videos, tour, Twitch, and shop – are all featured in order and can be quickly accessed via the menu in the top left corner of the screen.

This makes for a pleasingly intuitive browsing experience, enhanced by plenty of eye-catching photos as you work through the information and links.

Jauz’s free music can be directly accessed from the site, with links to YouTube, SoundCloud, and other streaming platforms, while the music videos are embedded in full-size.

Jauz rounds off the page with a great selection of Instagram pictures that inspire you to build a colorful and vibrant website showcasing your live events.


5. Zomboy

Some of the best DJ websites work on the principle that less is more, using their online presence to showcase their style without filling the screen with unnecessary stuff.

The official Zomboy website is a great example of this approach which can help ensure your website strip away any excessive detail.

The main site page features a rotating animated neon skull on a jet-black backdrop, allowing the glowing animation to pop off the page.

Three internal links are listed above the animation for merchandise, music, and touring information, making its design inherently mobile-friendly.

Head over to Zomboy’s music page, and you’ll find an extensive collection of free songs listed with cover art thumbnails, taking you to a list of websites and streaming services to download the music.

It’s a simple theme that everybody can navigate instantly, capturing everything the artist offers.


4. Afrojack

Aspiring DJs looking into getting DJ gigs can learn a great deal from Afrojack’s official website, especially if they’re on a tight budget.

Afrojack eschews elaborate animations and pictures in favor of a pared-down aesthetic and layout that sticks to the basics.

Visitors arrive at the website and are greeted with a promotion of his new collection of merchandise, with a list of samples and links to download his latest music directly beneath.

The simple white text on black background for the main menu makes it pop out of the screen and makes it easy to access tour information, the online shop, and Afrojack’s Spotify and iTunes profiles.

It’s a design that shows you can put an incredible website together without requiring professional-level web development skills and can be accomplished with free templates.

While some artists stuff their DJ websites with as much information as possible, Afrojack’s website shows that creating a great user experience doesn’t have to be complicated.


3. Jay Hardway

The official Jay Hardway website offers visitors a wealth of content to explore, with the artist dedicating his website to hosting a long list of tracks for fans to access.

Whether you’re interested in downloading his new album or accessing one of his many playlists, the website has all the links you need to get his content online.

The website’s backdrop is a tasteful photo of Hardway, with four columns of thumbnails linking to his music content laid over the top, along with menu links to his releases, live sets, and radio.

It’s a bold yet clean DJ website template that utilizes a simple color scheme of green and grey to ensure everything pops clearly and legibly.

Hardway also offers visitors exclusive content, unlike many other DJ websites, which they can access by creating a login through their personal Facebook page.

Hardway’s well-written biography is a perfect example of how a DJ website can create a complete picture of what artists can bring to the table when offering their services.


2. Tiësto

If you’re looking to start a DJ business, DJ website design should be close to the top of your to-do list, whether you’re going to customize a WordPress page or build one from scratch.

Dance music heavy-hitter Tiësto’s official website is a great place to check out for reference, merging arresting imagery and design with plenty of easy-to-access features.

It’s a bold, brash DJ website with bright colors pushed to the foreground, including full-screen embedded videos of several of Tiësto’s hit tracks.

Music sits front and center on this DJ website, so if you’re a budding DJ and producer with your own music videos to share, this website will show you how to showcase your content.

There are obligatory merchandising links, with a nicely laid-out store and a link to the latest information about his upcoming tours.

What sets this DJ website apart from many others is the link to Tiësto’s The Next Beat DJ Program, his bespoke DJ controller complete with masterclass tutorials.

Adding value to any product is a surefire way to increase traffic, so if you’ve created your own DJ or production video tutorials, you should create a page on your DJ website to host them.


1. Carl Cox

One of the world’s best DJs, Carl Cox, has been listed on dozens of lists of the greatest DJs and has performed sets at world-class festivals.

As you might expect from one of the leading music industry icons, the official Carl Cox website is one of the best out there, a must-see for anyone creating their own site.

Visit the Carl Cox website, and you’ll get a clear example of why restricting the amount of color you use can create a much more dramatic and atmospheric experience.

A full-screen, high-resolution, black-and-white photo of Cox fills the screen, with bright white text popping off the background and a striking hint of red on the Carl Cox logo.

The clean font used throughout the menu is replicated in a quote from Cox himself, summarizing his ethos as a DJ.

The photos of Cox used throughout the website retain the visual style of the main image, linking to an extensive collection of content and a complete list of his discography.

Overall, the website is a perfect reference that showcases diverse content and features held together through a coherent visual style, making it our top DJ website recommendation.



So there you have it, our top recommendations for world-class DJ websites to help inspire you to create visually appealing sites of your own.

When setting up your site, there are plenty of options to choose from, so make sure you research to find the best resources for your requirements.

Whether using your design skills to put your DJ website together or hiring a professional, these sites will help you fine-tune your designs to perfection.


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