A Complete Guide To DJing On TikTok In 2024 (Step-By-Step)

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July 2, 2024

DJing On TikTok

With several social media channels available to DJs, fostering an online presence and standing out from the competition can be challenging.

DJing on TikTok can reach a huge audience of like-minded music lovers who are looking for fresh and unique live streams.

In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about DJing on TikTok, from how to present your sets to planning a schedule.

A Complete Guide To DJing On TikTok In 2024 (Step-By-Step)

Whatever your style of DJing is, performing live sets on your TikTok channel is a great way to build new followers and engage with your audience.

We’ve created this guide to help DJs of all descriptions make the most of the platform, establish a thriving community, and monetize their sets.

So, with our criteria established, let’s dive into this complete step-by-step guide to DJing on TikTok in 2024:

Step 1. Get Familiar With TikTok

Before DJing on TikTok, you should familiarize yourself with the platform’s rules and what is expected from content creators.

This begins with installing the app on your phone and setting up an account from which you can sign in when you are live streaming your sets.

The platform has plenty of features to explore, from adding music to TikTok videos to various ways to engage with followers that you should be aware of.

By learning the correct procedures and protocols, you can avoid getting any strikes on your channel and streamline your TikTok DJing.

You should also familiarize yourself with the type of content being uploaded by successful existing DJs who have mastered the platform.

This will give you a good understanding of the content style that works best and how you can tailor your sets to maximize your follower count.

Step 2. Develop A Niche

With many thousands of DJs vying for attention on TikTok, developing a niche is important if you want to stand out from the competition.

This begins with developing a good understanding of the shifting landscape of DJ culture and what genres and songs are popular among fans.

DJs playing mainstream dance music are commonplace on TikTok, so consider branching out and mixing up your sets with more unique tracks.

Considering your potential target audience is another effective way to hone in on a specific niche that hasn’t been oversaturated by other DJs.

Don’t be afraid to adapt over time if your niche isn’t giving you the results you’d hoped for, and take on board any feedback from your peers and audience.

The more experience you gain DJing on TikTok, the more confident your sets and choice of music will be in presenting them to your audience.

Step 3. Prepare Your Equipment & Space

Since TikTok DJs are all about sharing compelling videos with their audience, it pays to take the time to prepare your equipment and performance space.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on your gear, and some of the best home DJ setup ideas are perfectly acceptable for TikTok live streams.

Whatever gear you opt for in your sets, however, you should ensure everything is displayed in an eye-catching and organized manner.

This will help deliver a professional appearance to the audience and demonstrate your DJing proficiency at a glance.

You should also include any personal branding, such as logos, banners, and other artwork in the space that identifies you as a unique content creator.

It’s a clear opportunity for you as a DJ to express yourself and showcase your personality and musical interests to your viewers.

Including memorabilia and other ornaments that have personal value is also a great way to encourage viewers to engage with and comment on your videos.

While you should avoid overthinking these details, they’ll certainly help you to stand out and become one of the more memorable TikTok DJs.

Step 4. Decide On Camera Presence

While some DJs on TikTok don’t appear on camera, for the most part, successful DJs on the platform choose to appear on screen.

By showing your face to the audience, you’re better equipped to create a stronger sense of engagement and connection with the audience.

This presence is also enhanced by the environment you perform in and how you interact with the people and things around you.

One way to bring something unique to your TikTok set is to record your house party DJing and capture the vibe of a thriving crowd.

Likewise, if you’re able to livestream from a club or other venue, this will help cement your reputation as a DJ capable of fully engaging the dance floor.

You can also stand out from the crowd by performing from an unusual DJ venue and avoiding the standard locations used by other TikTok DJs.

Whatever approach you go for, consider putting yourself in the audience’s shoes and rewatch your content to see what can be improved.

Step 5. Find Your Voice

Finding your voice is a multilayered concept that covers everything from the approach to genres and mixing to whether or not you choose to speak to the audience.

For the first component of this, you can use a variety of mixing techniques to put your personal stamp on DJing and showcase a unique style.

Some TikTok DJs achieve this by establishing a reputation for innovative use of samples or by introducing interesting transitions to their sets.

Others stand out from the competition through their particular genre-blending and notable use of hooks and iconic riffs from popular songs.

What unifies these TikTok DJs is that their expressions remain true to their personalities and are communicated with sincerity.

The audience feels that these DJs share their passion for music and feel a strong sense of connection and engagement when watching their live streams.

Speaking into the camera is another way to express your voice clearly and strengthen interpersonal connections with your followers.

Step 6. Embrace Trends

All content creators can increase their chances of success by identifying and embracing new trends in the online sphere.

These trends help drive traffic to your channel by using popular trending hashtags and search terms on the TikTok platform.

They also demonstrate the relevancy of a given channel and how the creator has their finger on the pulse of contemporary music culture.

Spending time researching the top music trends making a comeback will help you to manage your playlists and perform mixes for contemporary audiences.

You can also follow successful TikTok DJs with an established reputation to check in and see what hot topics they’re raising with their audience.

In short, being reactive and understanding what’s happening on TikTok on a daily basis will give you an edge when creating your own content.

Over time, your channel will transform into the go-to resource for like-minded people looking to hear mixes that reflect the hottest new trends.

Step 7. Understand The Algorithm

With thousands of DJs blowing up from social media, understanding how their sets have reached large audiences is vital for success.

Part of this success comes through an understanding of how the TikTok algorithm works when pushing content to its user base.

As with platforms such as YouTube, TikTok’s developers aren’t forthcoming about revealing the intricacies of their algorithms to users.

That said, you can take steps to gain insights into the algorithm, such as paying close attention to the users who view your material.

One common way that TikTok’s algorithm favors content is through the level of engagement and comments it receives from its users.

You can help facilitate this by urging your viewers to like, share, and comment on your live stream to push it higher in the app’s rankings.

Step 8. Collaborate With TikTok DJs

Collaboration is often the key to success since it allows creatives to maximize their audience by combining viewers into one stream.

This was particularly evident during the pandemic lockdown when DJs began to appreciate how collaborations would favorably affect the algorithms fully.

As you build a following on TikTok, you can start reaching out to other DJs and see if they’re willing to reshare your content with their fans.

By following their channels and sharing their content, you can increase your chances of collaboration through the concept of reciprocity.

This can be especially effective if you’re DJing in a specific niche that isn’t oversaturated by thousands of content creators on the platform.

If you know any TikTok DJs in your local area, ask if they’re interested in co-DJing a live stream for your collective audience.

Step 9. Plan Your Content Schedule

One of the most effective ways to build a following on any social media platform is to post content regularly on a specific schedule.

This allows your fans to know when to expect a new mix and keep an eye out for upcoming content when they’re browsing the platform.

Creating a content schedule is the best way to achieve this, and can also help to organize your playlists and perform your sets with confidence.

When you first start out, aim to post content two to three times a week, increasing the frequency when you’re confident of the quality.

You can also create content in advance, taking advantage of any spare time you have to get ahead of your schedule and clear your backlog.

Step 10. Prioritize Your Mental Health

With more evidence emerging around the potential negative mental health effects of social media, it pays to pay heed to your state of mind.

Running a TikTok channel can be stressful, and you should always prioritize your mental health to avoid stress, burnout, and depression.

If you receive negative comments on your videos, avoid taking them to heart, and if they’re constructive, engage with their viewpoint politely.

At the same time, spend plenty of time focusing on positive feedback and support, which will reassure you that you’re on the right track.

Don’t be afraid to take a complete break from your content creation if you’re feeling under pressure rather than produce sub-par work for your fans.

It’s okay to take a step back from DJing on TikTok, and your true fans will be more than happy to check out your latest set when you return.

TikTok Monetization Tips For DJs

Understanding the financial landscape for TikTok DJs is important if you want to earn a steady stream of income from your content.

With their licensing agreement with Universal Music and other features, there’s a lot to consider when considering monetization.

TikTok offers various income streams as you gain followers over time, with live streams accessible when you reach 1000 followers.

Once you’ve reached this level, your audience can gift TikTok currency that can be converted into real money and transferred via PayPal.

Achieving 1000 followers also allows you to offer your fans monthly subscriptions, with subscribers eligible for perks and making song requests.

If you expand your audience to over 10,000 followers, you can enter the platform’s creator marketplace to collaborate with brands on promotions.

Finally, if your TikTok channel hits 100,000 followers, you’ll be able to earn additional money from your DJ sets through cash tips.

DJs That Blew Up On TikTok In 2024

With the platform continuing to bring in new users on a daily basis, many of the best TikTok DJs have exploded onto the scene in recent times.

Here are five examples of DJs who have successfully grown their TikTok audience by expressing their personal style on the platform:

  • Jovynn. By combining great tunes and situational humor, Jovynn’s TikTok channel has earned a strong following of loyal fans eager to watch her videos.
  • DJ Snake. Paris-based DJ Snake elevates his sets with an impressive selection of samples that showcase his professional background in the music industry.
  • DJ Habibeats. DJ Habibeats is another professional DJ who has brought his expertise to TikTok, blending informative content along with outstanding DJ sets.
  • Suatism. With his outdoor approach to live streaming in unusual locations, Suatism has built up a large following of dedicated fans on his TikTok channel.
  • DJ Karaba. DJ Karaba’s rich cultural background infuses her approach to content on TikTok and the unique blending of musical genres and international styles.

As more DJs appreciate what the platform has to offer, we’ll likely see many more hugely successful TikTok DJs over the coming months and years.


TikTok is fast becoming one of the most popular platforms for DJs to increase their online reach and earn money by performing live-streamed DJ sets.

Whether you’re new to DJing or looking to branch out from YouTube, following the steps in this guide will help you achieve success on TikTok.

The more followers you gather, the greater your monetization prospects will become and create a potentially viable full-time career as a DJ.

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