The 10 Best TikTok DJs To Follow

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April 5, 2023

The Best TikTok DJs

TikTok is fast becoming the most popular social media platform online, so it’s no surprise that many DJs are signing up to promote their music.

It’s also an excellent way for DJs to keep up with current trends and is ideal for frequent content creation and promoting their brand to a wider audience.

With hundreds of thousands of DJs posting on TikTok, we’ve sorted through the best to bring you this guide to the best TikTok DJs to follow.


The 10 Best TikTok DJs To Follow

The best DJs on TikTok combine great DJ sets, original music content, and charismatic engagement to build their following.

We’ve selected content creators who have successfully balanced these qualities with consistent videos allowing them to build an impressive fan base.

Strap yourself in and dive into our list of the ten best TikTok DJs to follow:


10. DJ Kloud

Like DJ Karaba, DJ Kloud’s music and DJ sets draw from Africa’s vibrant history, culture, and surrounding areas.

He produces content emphasizing Middle Eastern and North African music and culture in many of the sample breakdowns he posts to TikTok.

In addition to these sample breakdowns, DJ Kloud also uploads a selection of his exclusive remixes and song challenges for his audience.

He strongly emphasizes community interaction and engagement with his users so that he can create targeted content his audience responds to.

This level of interactive and responsive content is an excellent way for other aspiring TikTok DJs to start their DJ business and create organic engagement.

Kloud keeps professional standards just as high in the production values of his content, with a front-facing camera and club lighting setting the mood perfectly.

His eclectic approach to genres, which covers everything from hip-hop and trap to house and EDM, further adds to DJ Kloud’s broad appeal.


9. The1fs 

The1fs, whose real name is Fred Sargolini, is a multi-talented DJ, music producer, and composer known for sampling videos for TikTok.

His amusing and inventive use of popular children’s television programs and animation showcases how you can create great DJ visuals without needing expensive lights.

He takes these various video clips from cartoons and other popular shows, then uses them to mix and scratch with them on his turntables.

It’s all presented in a nicely-arranged home studio setup that makes his content feel even more accessible to his growing fan base.

While his approach is relatively niche when compared to other content creators, he’s nevertheless a popular TikTok DJ who oozes cool.

The1fs has yet to reveal his face to his audience, so if you’re a shy DJ looking for inspiring content creation, checking out this channel is a must.


8. Alex Chapman

TikTok DJ Alex Chapman brings a variety of content creation to his popular channel, often from the comfort of his couch using a miniature mixing setup.

He brings an upbeat energy to everything he does, with a charismatic presence and an engaging manner that his fans adore.

Known for his club mashups and remixes, Chapman rarely strays away from his particular brand of music, which is consistently upbeat.

He’s incredibly popular with the #GayTikTok trend, recycling his content strands and remaining in this tried-and-trusted niche audience.

Chapman has DJed at major LGBT events worldwide, including a performance at the Pride Eve 2022 celebration at Poppy’s in West Hollywood.

He’s also tried his hand as a producer, working with Kim Petras on the first release of his career, “Horsey.”

His TikTok content and style are a great inspiration for up-and-coming DJs looking into building a DJ brand and wanting some professional pointers.


7. Jyoty

Born in Amsterdam and based in London, Jyoty first became known to electronic dance music fans through the online channel Boiler Room.

After managing the door at events, she landed a regular spot on the world-class radio station Rinse FM, showing a knack for selecting great new music.

Before long, Jypoty had set up an account with TikTok and gained thousands of followers, posting various videos and songs.

These range from videos of her talking about cultural events, such as Rihanna’s Super Bowl appearance, to videos of her DJ sets worldwide.

She’s played at some of the most reputable clubs in the world, including New York’s Good Room, Lisbon’s Music Box, and Razzmatazz in Barcelona.

Like DJ Kloud, Jyoty’s popularity is partly due to her readiness to engage with her audience, sharing recommended songs and tips on recording a radio show.

Outside of her TikTok presence, Jyoty has plenty of music content for fans to scour through, including dozens of mixes on SoundCloud and her remixes of popular tracks.

Content creators new to TikTok and wanting to check out a channel that brings a great deal of personality should check out Jyoty’s videos.


6. JoceWavy

London-based TikTok DJ and influencer JoceWavy began her career as a DJ in 2018 when she uploaded her first rap mix to SoundCloud.

The following year, she rose in prominence on the music scene after performing a live set at the Boiler Room Festival.

A notable influencer online, she’s become known for her fresh, Afro-inspired hip hop beats and energetic presence in her TikTok videos.

Since first appearing on the platform, she’s picked up over 200,000 followers and over 4 million likes across her video content.

Her videos are a balanced mix of JoceWavy showcasing her DJing abilities and commentary on music and her lifestyle.

She’s also collaborated with other notable online influencers, including fellow musician Headie One, and worked with the female-led BAYY Agency.


5. DJ Karaba

DJ Karaba’s popular TikTok account posts an enticing mixture of DJ sets and footage from her live performances alongside slice-of-life videos.

With a fun vibe and an outstanding energy level, she mixes up her DJing content with dancing in various scenarios.

Known primarily for DJing and producing Afro-House, she’s drawn on a range of influences that began with listening to Marvin Gaye and Motown as a child.

Additional influences while growing up include Earth, Wind, And Fire, Barry White, and The Temptations.

Born in France, DJ Karaba studied dance in New York and Los Angeles, with her extensive training shining through in many of her videos.

This fascination with different cultural approaches to music is due to her Congolese father and French-Italian mother, with her tracks a fusion of styles.

DJ Karaba has also been influenced by French rap and Congolese artists such as Koffi Olomide, Awilo Longomba, Papa Wemba, and Passi.

Her time in African countries helped shape her musical outlook, blending traditional African music’s percussive and rhythmic elements with modern house.

DJ Karaba’s TikTok account has surpassed 500k followers and continues to grow as she adds more new and exciting content.


4. Suat

Suat’s approach to DJing shows just how much fun it can be, with the popular DJ known for taking his DJ gear literally on the road.

With his trademark bright, colorful shirts and customized DJ rig allowing him to roam free, Suat’s videos show him hitting various public places while performing his sets.

Busy shopping centers, marathon events, and beautiful seaside wharves are just some locations he turns up to randomly to perform his on-the-go DJ sets.

He’s amassed an impressive following over the years, with over 600,000 followers on TikTok and over 16 million page likes.

It’s a truly unique way for a DJ to promote their music, with Suat taking his DJ skills into real-life situations and interacting with the public.

There’s even plenty of drama to spice up his content, with Suat frequently falling afoul of security guards and police and forcing him to make s swift exit.

These incidents make for an unpredictable experience when watching Suat’s content, with many of his fans preferring to view them as live streams so they can comment on the action.

It’s all set to a wonderful selection of house music, with Suat rarely missing a beat, even when mixing on the run.


3. DJ Habibeats

DJ Habibeats is another outstanding TikTok DJ who uses a range of samples to create mashups and remixes for his growing audience.

With nearly 1 million followers, his frequently posted content ranges from vibrant and bouncy footage of his DJ gigs to direct-to-camera videos.

Based in Los Angeles, DJ Habibeats has extensive experience working as a professional DJ, meaning his content is polished and engaging.

The bulk of his content revolves around sample breakdowns, with Habibeats taking his viewers through the history of a given sample and its various uses.

It’s easy-to-digest, informative, and often entertaining content focusing on mainstream music that often dominates TikTok’s #ForYou page.

In addition to his regular content on TikTok, DJ Habibeats has been featured in many music industry magazines, including XXL Magazine, WorldStar Hip Hop, and Serato.


2. DJ Snake

DJ Snake, born William Sami Étienne Grigahcine, is a Paris-based DJ who produces a broad selection of content for his 1 million followers.

This ranges from short comedy skits posted for fun to sampling videos for beats used in various music projects.

DJ Snake selects various samples from familiar sources on social media, then rearranges them live on air while walking the viewer through the results.

He has considerable pedigree and credibility, with an extensive background in the music industry as a producer and a DJ.

Snake first achieved international recognition in 2013, collaborating with Lil Jon on the instrument-driven tune “Turn Down For What.”

He has since worked with several of the biggest names in EDM and dubstep, including on tracks with Diplo and Major Lazer.

DJ Snake has worked with Kanye West, Justin Bieber, and Lady Gaga on her album Born This Way, which earned him a Grammy nomination for Album of the Year in 2012.


1. Jovynn

Digital content creator Jovynn shows how much can be achieved using even the most basic equipment on her popular TikTok channel.

Her refreshing combination of great tunes with situational humor offers a clear example of how content creators can take things to the next level.

This dynamic has led to her accruing over 10 million TikTok followers, combined with an astounding 204 million post likes.

Many of her videos show her playing tracks from her home DJ room, with multi-colored neon lights adding color and interest to the background.

Often seen wearing her trademark beanie, she mixes up her videos with trends and challenges that encourage her fans to get engaged with her content.

Many of her song remixes have gone viral on the platform, with fans eager to listen to her new releases as soon as they’re posted.

She also has a presence on Instagram, focusing on her unique approach to fashion and makeup, where she shares tips and advice.



That wraps up this overview of the hottest TikTok DJs worth following, with their top-tier mixes reaching millions of fans worldwide.

Whether they’re performing their sets in unusual locations or experts at engaging their audience in a party atmosphere, these TikTok DJs have mastered the platform.

Since new content creators arrive on TikTok daily, we’ll update this article to ensure it includes any great DJs you need to know about.


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