The 10 Best Music Discovery Websites

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August 23, 2023

Best Music Discovery Websites

The best websites for discovering music combine cutting-edge AI-based algorithms with thriving communities of users.

This allows them to offer unparalleled recommendations covering everything from mainstream releases to obscure underground music.

In this article, we’ve selected ten of the best online resources you can access to discover all the music you need, whatever your tastes.


The 10 Best Music Discovery Websites

Finding the best places to discover music online can be a minefield, with dozens of websites and streaming music services available.

When compiling these websites, we’ve selected them based on their extensive libraries, ease of use, and access to diverse playlists.

Without further ado, here are the best music discovery websites you need to follow:


10. Indie Shuffle

Different DJs get their music from a variety of other resources depending on their chosen style and genre.

As the name suggests, Indie Shuffle is a music discovery website primarily aimed at DJs who play music from independent artists and bands.

This established platform has been around for some time and generates an extensive list of content from around the world.

Users can submit their own tracks and recommendations, while the Indie Shuffle staff complement these picks with context.

It’s a stark contrast to other music discovery services that tend to utilize artificial intelligence to collate and organize their music.

This gives the curated playlists a more personal touch, as much as a music blog covering the latest trends as a place for discovering music.

Staff picks highlighting the latest new music are combined with extensive back catalogs users can search to find songs they’re looking for.

You can also hunt down music by similar bands, as well as sign up for smart playlists covering both popular music and underground bands.


9. Bleep

First and foremost, an online record store, Bleep, has established a strong reputation as one of the best music discovery websites on the internet.

With its coverage of niche producers, it’s a resource the best underground DJs use to source fresh music for their sets.

This attention to more obscure producers and artists isn’t surprising, considering Bleep’s sister company is Warp Records.

It’s the label responsible for the rise to prominence of electronic music producers, including Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada.

These heavy hitters are present and correct on the Bleep platform, along with plenty of other similar artists for underground music fans.

Traditional DJs still accustomed to mixing on decks use Bleep regularly to acquire the latest releases on vinyl, including limited editions.

They also offer new music in digital download formats, including 24-bit WAV, for DJs using up-to-date DJ controllers.

In addition to the extensive curation of electronic music subgenres, there are also soundtracks, alternative rock, and jazz categories.

Sign up for the Bleep newsletter, and they’ll keep you in the loop about new artists and releases coming their way that may be of interest.


8. Boomkat

Like Bleep, Boomkat has been on the scene for many years and began life as an online record store selling physical media to DJs.

It caters primarily to hardcore music buffs with obscure listening habits, featuring leftfield genres such as ambient and modern classical.

Boomkat has since transformed to offer plenty of information for music fans looking to hunt down the latest essential releases.

Like the best music discovery sites, there are regular articles you can dive into exploring the weekly roundup and potential future classics.

There’s also a section of the website that runs through the latest charts, which feature in-depth artist recommendations.

You can check out their music online by using the preview player and try any music they have for sale before you commit to buying.

There’s also the option to browse their content by genres and labels, making it easier to cut to the music that reflects your tastes.

If you’re a fan of music from off the beaten track and want to avoid wading through commercial releases, Boomkat is an essential resource.


7. Discogs

If you’re starting out and learning how to DJ with vinyl, you’ll need a great website for building your collection of records.

Head over to Discogs, and you’ll find everything you need to start DJing the traditional way, with vinyl from all genres available.

First established in 2000, it has since accumulated thousands of dedicated users who buy and sell records through its service.

Discogs has built a strong reputation around quality control, so you can purchase vinyl and build a strong collection with confidence.

It’s more than just a marketplace; all content includes preview players for the music, which makes it ideal for music discovery.

Whether you’re looking for your favorite music from new artists or want to find similar songs based on genres, Discogs has it all.

No genres are off the table, and the Discogs database is as extensive as you’d expect from a long-standing resource for vinyl collectors.

Finding music is also easy, with a comprehensive search system covering genres and styles, country of origin, and decade of release.

This means Discogs can hold its own for music discovery compared to any music streaming service out there.



For new music from more commercial and mainstream artists, the user-generated website comes highly recommended.

Land on the home page, and you’re presented with a graphic highlighting the Spiking Artists currently trending globally.

Spiking Tracks offers the same information for new music, which can be found listed in the more comprehensive Charts section.

What makes a great resource for new music discovery is its use of listening habits to fine-tune the curated playlists on offer.

Like streaming services such as Spotify, uses AI to analyze the songs you listen to and suggest a playlist based on your taste.

You can also jump straight to the trending music that is currently being enjoyed by the community of users.

While is oriented towards mainstream DJs, for instance, radio DJs looking for commercial music, more obscure artists are here too.

There’s a large collection of metal, punk, and country music alongside popular electronica producers and pop acts.

It’s a great service for finding popular playlists from other users who prefer new tunes from the biggest acts around.


5. YouTube

By far the largest video-sharing platform in the world, YouTube has long had a reputation as the go-to source for new music.

The biggest artists in the world all have an official presence on the video streaming service, with dedicated channels for their back catalogs.

In addition to mainstream releases, you’ll find plenty of niche tracks from long-defunct labels uploaded by individual users.

While there are copyright issues surrounding these uploads, they do allow you to check out the music you won’t find anywhere else.

YouTube algorithms are great for suggesting recommended music based on your current listening habits.

Once you start listening to a track, lots of related content will be displayed on the right-hand side of the screen to dive into.

Like other online music services, there are also plenty of dedicated playlists you can check out from other users covering all genres.

You can also set up your own playlists and add songs you want to share with others, or check out the official YouTube playlist instead.

If that wasn’t enough, sign up for the YouTube Premium account, and you can play everything on the platform without the hassle of ads.


4. Spotify

Spotify is one of the most popular online streaming platforms, with millions of users and thousands of playlists to explore.

The company offers its own playlists for you to explore alongside those generated by other users that cater to all tastes.

You can dive into the best Spotify playlists for a massive selection of great tracks, from the latest electronic music to folk and rock classics.

The more you add songs to your own playlists and like tracks, the better the platform’s algorithm becomes at delivering recommendations.

Release Radar gives you a weekly update of new music from any bands or artists you follow so you can keep on top of trends.

Discover Weekly is a playlist based on your listening habits and uses your listening data to curate tracks you’re likely to enjoy.

If you’re following any friends on Spotify, you can also view all the playlists they’ve created to see what shapes their music taste.

The more you put into Spotify, the better its algorithms get at matching recommendations to your favorite music styles.

A fantastic streaming service, Spotify more than holds its own against the best-dedicated music discovery sites online.


3. Apple Music

Like Spotify, Apple Music is a streaming service that doubles up as an excellent resource for discovering new and classic music.

There’s the standard search function to find songs based on band name or artist name to cut straight to what you’re looking for.

Apple Music also features a curated playlist section that works similarly to Discover Weekly, based on the user’s habits.

This discovery section is called For You and offers a personalized approach to using the service to expand your music discovery.

There are also lots of curated playlists that explore weird and wonderful genres, such as Death N Roll, for more adventurous music fans.

Likewise, Apple Music’s radio stations are great resources for experiencing content you might otherwise miss out on.

With a large multinational company such as Apple behind the platform, it’s no surprise to hear that it hosts over 100 million songs.

These songs and playlists are all free from advertisements, and there’s the option to download and play them offline.

With lossless audio files and Dolby Atmos-supported content, it’s also at the cutting edge of audio quality for audiophiles.


2. Bandcamp

Music discovery site Bandcamp promotes new music from emerging and independent artists worldwide.

It’s a great place to buy songs for your DJ sets that aren’t likely to be played on mainstream radio stations any time soon.

At the same time, it’s also an excellent way to directly support up-and-coming musicians and producers who have yet to gain exposure.

Over $1 billion has been spent by its users on these artists, whether through digital downloads or purchases of physical media releases.

The Discover section offers extensive genre options to browse through and find songs that match your taste.

Electronic, rock, hip-hop, and pop sit comfortably alongside world music, jazz, and acoustic releases.

You can filter these by new arrivals, and there’s also an artist recommendations section to see what your preferred musicians suggest.

For more deep dives into the hottest new artists and releases, Bandcamp features a Daily section with beautifully-illustrated articles.


1. SoundCloud

Perhaps the most complete resource for music discovery online is SoundCloud, which has been at the forefront of music for many years.

Here, you’ll find DJ sets from some of the most famous DJs in the world sitting comfortably alongside mixes from beginners.

Users can easily create accounts to upload their own productions, making SoundCloud a must for DJs looking for hidden gems.

Likewise, many awesome DJ sets from users showcase different genres and often include long-forgotten classics.

In addition to obscure tracks from individual users, there’s also a section where members to check out the latest trending music.

There’s also a charts section that’s broken down into different genres, making SoundCloud something of a jack of all trades.

If you need background music for your online content creation, you can find that here too, and download them in a click.

The addition of in-depth podcasts further expands SoundCloud’s potential for discovering great new music to add to your collection.



So there you have it, the best music discovery resources online you can access for all your DJing requirements.

These websites and streaming services offer everything from commercial pop chart hits to underground dance music for club DJs.

With user-generated content and a thriving community of fans, there’s no limit to the great music these sites have to offer.


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