The 10 Best EDM DJs of All Time

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April 19, 2023

Best EDM DJs of All Time

EDM, or electronic dance music, has continued rising in popularity and created some of the most popular DJs in the world.

Frequently played at the biggest venues and music festivals worldwide, EDM has evolved from disco to incorporate various dance music styles and trends.

Continue reading, and we’ll break down the world’s best EDM artists who have helped popularize the genre and give it the international recognition it deserves.


The 10 Best EDM DJs of All Time

The greatest EDM artists hail from all major countries and draw their influences from various dance music genres and styles.

We’ve covered everything from their background and DJing history to their chart-topping production credits.

Without further ado, here’s our list of the ten best EDM DJs of all time:


10. Daft Punk

French electronic music duo Daft Punk, consisting of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, is widely considered among the founders of EDM.

Formed in 1993, Daft Punk were catapulted onto the international scene with the release of their album Homework on Virgin Records in 1997.

Throughout their career, Daft Punk has produced some of the most enduring house music tracks, including “Around the World” and “Da Funk.”

These massive chart hits have earned them recognition from the music industry, with the track “Get Lucky” winning a Grammy Award for Record of the Year.

Blending progressive house music, synth-pop, and techno, Daft Punk’s innovative approach to music has had a lasting impact on EDM music to this day.

Daft Punk’s extensive experience working in the music industry for decades has resulted in some of the best DJ sets of all time, influencing the next generation of EDM artists.

While the duo officially split in 2021, the former members continue producing music and DJing in the world’s leading clubs.


9. Skrillex

Skrillex, born Sonny John Moore, took influences from dubstep and transformed it into his own unique style of music as a record producer and DJ.

Based out of Los Angeles, Skrillex’s prolific output, including numerous singles and five studio albums, has cemented his reputation as one of the top EDM artists.

In 2008, he transitioned from frontman for the post-hardcore punk band From First To Last to focus on dancefloor-friendly music.

His game-changing approach took the electronic dance music industry by storm, with tracks such as 2010’s “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” influencing other successful EDM artists.

The album picked up a Grammy Award for Best Dance/Electronica Album, while the title track took home an award for Best Dance Recording.

This success as an EDM music producer has drawn the attention of high-profile pop stars, with Justin Bieber, Ellie Golding, and Diplo among the world-class artists he’s worked with.

His reputation behind the decks has seen him DJing at many of the world’s best nightclubs and headlining major festivals like Ultra Music.


8. Deadmau5

Canadian DJ and producer Deadmau5, born Joel Thomas Zimmerman, first appeared on the EDM scene in the late 2000s.

His production credits, which include Strobe, I Remember, and Ghosts’ n’ Stuff, have helped place him regularly on the American and Canadian dance music charts.

In 2007, DJ Magazine named Deadmau5 the best producer of the year, with additional electronic music awards, including Best DJ at the DJ Awards on four occasions.

Deadmau5 is well known for wearing his iconic Mau5head logo helmet, following in the tradition of other EDM DJs who mask their identity, such as Daft Punk.

With live performances that include some of the best DJ visuals of all time, Deadmau5 has become an iconic figure in EDM since he first entered the scene.

This includes the use of pioneering technology such as his trademark Cube 3.0 visual display system, which he first revealed at the Ultra Music Festival in Virginia.

He continues to work at the forefront of the EDM scene, working on a collaboration project named Kx5 along with Kaskade and releasing the single “Escape.”


7. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

DJ duo Dmitri Vegas & Like Mike are relative newcomers to the EDM music scene, having first performed their first DJ set in 2015.

The duo comprises two brothers from Belgium, who took elements of progressive trance and big room house to craft their distinct musical style.

Dmitri Vegas & Like Mike got their break from one of the top EDM artists in the industry, initially touring in support of Tiësto.

The release of their song “The Hum,” which featured Charlie Sheen and Jean-Claude Van Damme in the music video, significantly boosted their public profile.

Successful singles and albums also paved the way for more prominent sets at international music festivals, with their Garden of Madness stage a regular fixture at Tomorrowland.

In 2010, the duo worked together to produce the official Tomorrowland anthem for the year, released as “Tomorrow (Give in to the Night).”

They have also collaborated with many of the top EDM artists on music collaborations, including working with Steve Aoki on the 3 Are Legend project.


6. Marshmello

Like Deadmau5, Marshmello has used an iconic mask to establish a unique brand and identifiable presence in the EDM DJ scene.

Aspiring DJs can learn a great deal about building a DJ brand by studying Marshmello, whose unique aesthetic is striking and memorable.

Moving beyond his distinct appearance, Marshmello reveals himself as one of the best EDM artists working today with an eye-watering net worth.

This success has come through a combination of best-selling albums and a reputation for delivering crowd-pleasing DJ sets.

His series of Joytime albums have proven to be critical and commercial hits, while singles such as “Alone,” “Wolves,” and “Happier” have landed on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Marshmello earned international recognition in 2015 following the release of his remix of Jack Ü’s “Where Are Ü Now,” which paved the way for future collaborations.

These collaborations have included work with top artists such as Khalid, Anne-Marie, and Selena Gomez, bringing the American producer to a commercial audience.


5. Steve Aoki

Another American DJ and producer who has left a strong impression on electronic dance music over the years is Steve Aoki.

His high-energy live shows, which have seen Aoki spraying his fans with expensive champagne or throwing cake, have become the stuff of legend.

He’s even been known to occasionally throw himself into the crowd and ride a huge decorated float over the dance floor as the music plays.

In 2007, Aoki won the DJ Award for Best Set of the Season and was nominated for the World’s Best EDM Artist at the 2012 World Music Awards.

This reputation for energy and vibrancy carries over to his music productions, which include several popular albums such as Neon Future and Wonderland.

His discography also includes dozens of singles and remixes produced in collaboration with EDM artists such as Dmitri Vegas & Like Mike and Armin van Buuren.

Aoki has also worked with many artists outside the EDM world, including, Kid Cudi, and Lil Wayne.


4. Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix is another hugely successful Dutch DJ who debuted in 2013 before hitting the mainstream two years later.

Born Martijn Gerard Garritsen in Amstelveen, Netherlands, he has since picked up many electronic dance music awards for his DJing and music production.

These awards include Best Breakthrough DJ at the International Dance Music Awards in 2014 and ranking first on the DJ Magazine top 100 DJs on four occasions.

As a performer, Martin Garrix knows all the DJ techniques you need to master to wow audiences and get them pumped for the music.

This has included headlining multiple festivals, including becoming the youngest DJ to headline Ultra Music Festival in 2014.

He is also known for performing iconic DJ sets at Tomorrowland, Coachella, and Electric Daisy Carnival, in addition to residencies at various clubs in Ibiza.

As a music producer, Garrix has released an extensive selection of tunes through his record label Stmpd Rcrds and Sony Music.


3. Calvin Harris

Scottish DJ and producer Calvin Harris is the highest-paid DJ in the world, commanding millions of dollars for his live set.

Having worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry, Harris has performed at sell-out international tours and dominated the main stage at festivals.

Often credited as the EDM DJ responsible for giving the genre its mainstream credibility, Harris got his big break with the 2006 album, I Created Disco.

Hit singles such as This Is What You Came For, We Found Love, and Feels have lit up the charts worldwide, selling millions of copies combined.

This has led to no less than five Grammy Awards nominations while paving the way for collaborations with Sam Smith, Dua Lipa, and Rihanna.

It’s a truly impressive career from someone who began his professional life working in a fish factory and supermarket.

Today, Calvin Harris has over 32 international music awards and an eye-watering net worth of approximately $200 million.


2. David Guetta

David Guetta needs little introduction to anyone with even a passing interest in electronic dance music and is one of the most successful DJs in the world.

The French DJ and record producer has released a string of hits over the years, including Titanium, Without You, and When Love Takes Over.

A household name, Guetta’s blend of pounding house-inspired beats and lush, catchy vocals has proven exceptionally popular among fans.

He began DJing at the Parisian nightclub, the Broad Club, in the late 1980s, continuing to hone his skills over the years.

After listening to a Farley “Jackmaster” Funk track on French radio, his love for house music led him to change direction to produce fun, crowd-pleasing tracks.

His most successful song, “I Gotta Feeling,” earned him two nominations for Grammy Awards in 2011 and helped drive the album Nothing But the Best up the charts.


1. Tiësto

Tiësto’s reputation in the EDM community is virtually unsurpassed, with the Dutch DJ and producer’s career beginning in the mid-1990s.

Considered by many to be the greatest DJ of all time, the Dutch disc jockey has frequently been referred to as the Godfather of EDM.

Real name Tijs Michiel Verwest, Tiësto launched his music career in the mid-1990s, working as a DJ and producer of gabber and hardcore tracks under various aliases.

He followed this up with a multi-genre approach incorporating progressive, future, electro-house music and pioneering trance.

Tiësto has won numerous awards over the past two decades, including a Grammy Award for his “All Of Me” remix by John Legend.

Additional collaborations further prove his eclectic approach to music, including pop stars Katy Perry and rock legends U2 and Coldplay.

Tiësto fully deserves Mix Magazine’s accolade, The Greatest DJ of All Time, and remains one of the most exciting talents working in the EDM field.

It’s just one of over 40 international awards given to Tiësto for his iconic tracks and DJ skills, and his music continues to win new EDM fans worldwide.



So that wraps up this article covering the top EDM DJs of all time, from the early origins in Europe’s underground clubs to the titans of America’s best venues.

The most successful EDM artists have enhanced their reputation through their work as record producers and contributed many songs to the genre.

As up-and-coming DJs continue to break onto the scene, we’ll update this article to include new artists, so check back for the latest information.


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