The 10 Best DJ Blogs to Follow In 2024

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July 5, 2024

Best DJ Blogs

From deep insights into the latest DJ software to cutting-edge advice on mixing techniques, the best DJ blogs are invaluable resources.

Exploring the latest dance news from the electronic music scene and sharing live DJ sets, these blogs are read by amateur and professional DJs alike.

We’ve compiled a selection of essential DJ blogs from across the electronic music spectrum to help you keep on top of new trends.

The 10 Best DJ Blogs to Follow In 2024

Whether you’re learning how to mix tracks and exploring DJ techniques or exploring new features on performance pads, DJing blogs are essential resources.

We’ve collected these essential resources to provide you with the latest updates and hottest DJ mixes from around the world.

So, now that you know what to expect, here are the 10 best DJ blogs to follow in 2024:

10. Smash The Club

We’re kickstarting this guide to DJ blogs with Smash the Club, a popular resource for DJs looking for popular DJ mixes from working DJs.

With an eye toward mainstream EDM and house music, this DJing blog provides a wealth of resources and live sets from iconic DJs.

There’s a great deal of coverage from international music festivals, from New York City Boiler Room sets to events from other countries.

Swedish House Mafia, Steve Aoki, and DJ Snake are just a few of the big-name DJs given in-depth coverage in Smash the Club.

If you’re learning how to make beats, you can draw inspiration from hundreds of original tracks and remixes posted on the website.

Smash the Club also has dedicated posts exploring Serato DJ software, and how this can be used to create different styles.

This is complemented by a large archive of bootleg packs, each with several remixes, edits, and mashups for readers to download.

With coverage of genres including house, hip-hop, EDM, and drum and bass, Smash the Club’s content has plenty of broad appeal.

9. RANE Blog

As the name implies, the RANE Blog is all about providing updates and information on the latest products from RANE’s lineup.

While Pioneer DJ gear tends to dominate global sales, Rane’s products are rated among the best DJ controllers for DJs playing hip-hop.

The RANE Blog is the first port of call for all DJs using their gear, with regular updates about support for various other platforms.

djay Pro AI, Virtual DJ, and other platform updates are all explained in detail to help users get the best results from their system.

You can also find out about their latest firmware updates and how their products can be used with Serato Scratch Bank and other services.

It’s also a great blog for people who want to improve their DJ mix techniques, with interviews with award-winning DJs worldwide.

If you’re looking for the latest promotional offers from RANE, you’ll find all the details here to take advantage of their discounts.

8. Mixing DJ

For the latest dance news, DJ mixes, and live sets, Mixing DJ has got you covered, with hundreds of posts from the best radio shows.

There’s a broad selection of music genres covered on this blog, from pure trance and mainstream house to techno and EDM.

You can also access a variety of informative podcasts for more in-depth explorations of the art of DJing and improving your career.

DJ producers looking for insights into creating tracks and remixes and integrating musical instruments into their sets are also well-served.

This includes everything from the latest Tiesto remix of Tears for Fears to more niche remixes of obscure underground house music.

Festival fans are also presented with a dedicated section for new and archived mixes, complementing the selection of live sets.

Mixing DJ’s archives go back to 2005, meaning there’s more than enough content here to keep music fans occupied for months.

It’s a great resource for checking out what works on the dance floor, with hundreds of thousands of followers on social media.

7. DJ Blog

If you’re looking for product overview and new releases, DJ Blog has hundreds of detailed articles you can refer to for the latest trends.

This blog has a large archive of content going back to 2016 for readers to work through at their leisure and find the information they need.

There are plenty of DJ software and gear reviews for those starting out building their home rig and looking to get the best investment.

Additional articles covering a range of DJ apps are also available to help DJs who want to hone their skills while on the move.

Unlike other DJ blogs, there’s also a category dedicated to DJ fitness that covers physical and mental well-being while performing gigs.

This can be especially handy for international DJs who struggle with maintaining a healthy mindset and dealing with time zones.

You can also access some of the best DJ tutorials for beginners to help you get your DJing journey off to a great start.

6. DJ Life Mag

Another popular blog with comprehensive coverage is DJ Life Mag, which explores everything from upcoming events to DJing tips.

A handy resource for club-goers, as well as DJs, DJ Life Mag delivers all the latest dance news along with digital DJ tricks you can learn.

There are exclusive interviews you can read through to gain insights, complemented by new announcements from big-name DJs.

If you’re considering expanding your horizons and exploring DJ production, you’ll find posts here to help you get started.

DJ Life Mag also has a large selection of business tips to help you achieve your professional goals and book high-paying DJ gigs.

Developing a killer marketing strategy and knowing the best way to approach promoters are all covered by professional writers.

This includes articles detailing the various tools you can use to track your metrics and assess how effective your promotional strategies are.

Wedding and mobile DJs are also well-served with actionable advice through the dedicated site categories and blog posts.

5. EDM Joy

It’s no surprise that the blog EDM Joy is, first and foremost, dedicated to news and articles exploring the best electronic music releases.

The site breaks down its content into various categories, covering news, releases, features, free downloads, and other resources.

This includes plenty of free tracks and remixes to help you get your music collection off the ground and expand your DJ playlist.

There are plenty of interviews with the best EDM DJs to read through and find out what methods they use when putting together sets.

Upcoming artists emerging on the EDM scene are also given plenty of space to promote their work and gain a much-needed spotlight.

If you’re an aspiring EDM DJ, you can contact EDM Joy through the submission form and share your DJ mixes and music productions.

Land on the home page and you can check out their trending articles exploring the benefits of SoundCloud and other platforms.

If you want to keep your finger on the pulse of electronic music, EDM Joy deserves a prominent place in your browser bookmarks.

4. DJ Premier Blog

With over a dozen categories to explore, DJ Premier Blog has developed a large following of dedicated DJs looking for the latest information.

In addition to news and updates on the dance music industry, there are guides covering everything from selling equipment to finding gigs.

The latest DJ time management tips will assist your professional development, supported by interviews with veteran DJs.

DJ Premier Blog also covers reviews of new DJ gear releases from the major manufacturers, many of which are in video format.

It’s a lively blog with a high level of engagement from its readers and a strong sense of community based on sharing information.

Head over to the blog’s forum and you can discuss the latest news with fellow DJs, dive into genre conversations, and much more.

There are also many articles sharing anecdotes from the leading DJs and producers that you won’t find on other DJing blogs.

With a focus on hip-hop, DJ Premier Blog is also great for anyone who’s tackling basic scratch DJ techniques and looking for professional advice.

3. Pioneer DJ Blog

Like the RANE Blog, the Pioneer DJ Blog is dedicated to people who use Pioneer DJ software and the latest DJ controllers.

Designed for everyone from beginner DJs to professionals who perform in the biggest venues, it’s a comprehensive resource.

The blog’s home page provides links to the latest dance news, and there’s a ton of actionable content here to work through.

Everything from mastering social media channels to learning how to clean your DJ gear is covered in detailed and informative articles.

In addition to a wealth of DJ tips to read through, Pioneer DJ Blog offers insights into industry trends and the work of promoters.

This makes it perfect for upcoming DJs who are learning how to navigate the landscape and land their first professional gig.

Given the prestige of the company, it’s not surprising that their blog has lots of in-depth interviews you won’t find elsewhere.

If you’re interested in hearing what professionals such as Steve Angello and other big names have to say, you’ll find it on the Pioneer DJ Blog.

Indeed, you don’t have to be a Pioneer DJ user to get a great deal out of this comprehensive blog, exploring all aspects of DJing.

2. London Sound Academy Blog

The London Sound Academy Blog is geared toward DJs looking to improve their mixing skills while branching out into music production.

DJs looking to pick up gigs and play at events can also find a ton of helpful information to help them progress as professional DJs.

The blog is segregated into various core sections exploring music production, events and partnerships, DJing, news, and success stories.

Each of these sections features dozens of articles from experts and guest tutors to help the reader master the various topics.

Gigging DJs can discover how to prepare for events, the rules of playing back-to-back sets, and how to improve their stage presence.

Readers who are interested in becoming a music producer are equally well-served with content for Ableton, Logic, and FL Studio.

If you’re struggling to find the best vocals for your tracks, or wondering whether or not to take an online course, this blog will help.

It’s a prestigious outlet that features insights from some of the best house music DJs of all time to help you master your skills.

1. DJ Tech Tools

Serato DJ Pro, Ableton Live, and many more programs are all extensively covered on the DJ Tech Tools blog catering to all DJs.

It’s a blog that’s been around for many years, establishing a firm reputation in the industry as the go-to resource for in-depth analysis.

If you’re looking for predictions and trends around upcoming gear to help enhance your sets, you’ll find informative content to read.

While there’s a strong emphasis on DJ software and gear, the blog also explores DJ performance tips and core principles to know.

How to build the best sound system on a budget and protect your gear from the elements are examples of the gear-related content available.

Software is also explored with in-depth articles, from the latest developments in stem separation to updates from Pioneer and other brands.

DJ Tech Tools also has its finger on the proverbial pulse of emerging technology and how artificial intelligence is reshaping the art form.

They delivered extensive coverage of when AlphaTheta acquired Serato Audio Research and other important breaking news for DJs.

Boasting a healthy community, you can also use DJ Tech Tools to share your queries and insights with fellow DJs on all manner of topics.


There are hundreds of great DJ blogs to choose from online, and this selection will help you fine-tune your reading and focus on the best ones.

Covering a wide range of informative topics for DJs of all descriptions, these blogs bring expert opinions and insights to the table.

As your DJing career develops, you can use these websites to make the best decisions when investing in software and hardware for your DJ sets.

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