Why Choose A Record Pool Like ZIPDJ?

ZIPDJ – Music Discovery Reinvented

DJ Record Pools have been around since the mid-70’s. Over the years, the promotional distribution channel between Record Labels and Professional DJs has adapted with technology to meet the demands of today’s digital DJs. Enter ZIPDJ.

Founded in 2007, ZIPDJ was one of the first DJ Record Pools to distribute promotional content to their DJ members via an online pool. Now, 13 years later, ZIPDJ has once again redefined the promotional music process with the release of their ZIPDJ V3 Record Pool website application.

By joining ZIPDJ, you become a member of one of the world’s most elite DJ communities. Membership gives you access to the freshest and most upfront promotional music releases along with a massive catalog for developing well rounded and diverse DJ sets. With thousands of tracks added every week from our 2000+ label partners, no two sets will ever be the same again.

ZIPDJ’s brand new V3 website application allows for quick discovery, and deep crate digging. Searching through mass catalogs of music can be done utilizing your computer’s mouse, or by using keyboard hot keys which can greatly improve the speed and immersion of the music discovery process. ZIPDJ makes finding new music effortless, saving you time while improving your impact on the dance floor.

Any good record pool will provide you with a myriad of genres to search through in order to cover your needs as a working DJ. Crushing all expectations, ZIPDJ offers over 60+ genres with deep libraries to help bring diversity to your sets while also helping to speed up the discovery process for DJs who need access to specific sub-genres.

Success as a DJ depends on your ability to stand out from the competition. However, constantly staying on top of global charts, trends, and still trying to find those obscure banger tracks is difficult in today’s fast-paced world. That’s why some of the world’s most influential and hardworking DJs trust ZIPDJ with their music library curation.

When you join ZIPDJ, you will discover a new universe of tracks and direct label access that will instantly give your DJ sets a boost and help you stand out from the rest. Discover what you’ve been missing and try ZIPDJ today!