The 10 Best Online DJ Courses In 2024

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March 6, 2024

Best Online DJ Courses

The best online DJ courses offer exceptional value for money, with in-depth lessons covering everything from beginner techniques to advanced skills.

Whether you’re a fan of electronic music looking to branch into production or a hip-hop enthusiast learning how to scratch, there’s a course to help you achieve your goals.

In this article, we’ve broken down the core elements found in the best online DJ courses, as well as the budget level and previous experience required.


The 10 Best Online DJ Courses In 2024

With thousands of great online DJ courses covering many different topics, knowing which is worth your time and money can be hard.

We’ve explored what you can expect from each course and how it can help you expand your skillset to ensure there’s a course here for all requirements.

So, with our criteria established, here’s our list of the best online DJ courses in 2024:


10. Point Blank Music School

One of the most established schools for DJ courses is Point Blank Music Studio, founded as a commercial recording studio in 1994 and still going strong.

As such, it’s no surprise to hear that many celebrated DJs and producers have been ranked among their alumni, including Claude VonStroke and Gemma Cairney.

It’s also the only organization in the UK recognized by the Office for Students as the Teaching Excellence Framework Gold standard.

They offer a range of in-depth DJ courses catering to beginners and advanced DJs, with courses ranging from ten weeks to six months to complete.

Mastering basic DJing skills is made simple, with each course breaking down the techniques into their raw components for a smooth learning curve.

They also offer courses on navigating the music industry, becoming a professional DJ, and working closely with booking agencies and promoters.

Tailored to help you launch your DJ career, Point Blank Music School offers an outstanding and comprehensive selection of resources for aspiring DJs.


9. Pete Tong DJ Academy

The Pete Tong DJ Academy draws on its patron’s long and illustrious career as a DJ and record producer to bring a high-quality slate of courses.

It’s a relatively new online DJ courses provider, curated by some of the industry’s undisputed heavyweights while maintaining attractive prices.

As well as drawing on Pete Tong’s expertise, the academy offers complete courses in collaboration with leading DJs, including Carl Cox and Jamie Jones.

The full program walks students through everything from preparing a DJ set to enhancing their performance for audiences and mastering complex skills.

There are also lessons on salvaging a mix that goes astray, mastering more advanced techniques, and correctly setting up your gear.

There are also plenty of career tips available through the Pete Tong DJ Academy to help you establish a clear brand and build a network of industry contacts.

For additional exposure, the Pete Tong DJ Academy hosts the Future Talent Awards to help spotlight up-and-coming DJ talent.


8. Club Ready DJ School

Based in Sydney, Australia, the Club Ready DJ School is another exceptional resource for learning basic and advanced techniques from the comfort of your home.

The course is laid out logically so newcomers can grasp the essentials before moving on to more in-depth DJ skills and making the most of their gear.

What makes the Club Ready DJ School course unique is its focus on unleashing each student’s individual creativity to make the most of their personal tastes.

These creative concepts outlined in the DJ course can be applied to all electronic music genres, whether using Serato DJ or another popular program.

Sign up, and you’ll be granted access to plenty of useful educational resources as part of the online DJ course to help you learn at your own pace.

You can choose to tackle each DJ course independently or take advantage of the discount and buy all the DJ courses as part of a collective bundle.

Whether you’re looking to hone advanced DJ techniques or master the intricacies of marketing your brand, Club Ready DJ School has plenty to offer.


7. Crossfader

Another highly regarded professional DJ school that offers a broad selection of online DJ courses is Crossfader, which features over a dozen DJ courses to choose from.

Many online DJ courses through Crossfader are specific to popular hardware and software professional DJs use worldwide.

This includes dedicated courses for some of the best DJ controllers from Pioneer and courses to help you master Serato DJ, Traktor DJ, and Rekordbox.

There is also a DJ course oriented toward learning a range of essential transitions to improve your sets and a complete online scratching course for hip-hop enthusiasts.

These online courses exploring a multitude of DJ techniques can be purchased individually, and the online learning platform also has a complete package option.

Crossfader also has several courses to help you learn how to manage your DJ career, hone your DJ setup, and find the best ways to uncover new gigs.

Whether you’re keen to master your dance music mixes or struggling to master your new DJ equipment, Crossfader’s courses are great value for money.


6. Skillshare – DJing Live: From Setup To Soundcheck

Skillshare is a broad platform that offers an extensive selection of online DJ courses covering all aspects of the art of DJing thoroughly.

One of the best online DJ courses on the platform, DJing Live: From Setup to Soundcheck, exemplifies their commitment to comprehensive educational resources.

Designed by Grammy-nominated audio engineer Young Guru, this online DJ course begins with a complete overview of the general DJ setup.

After breaking down the core DJ gear needed to mix sets, further sections help set up your software and work with Ableton Live correctly.

The course also has a detailed soundcheck module to ensure your DJ sets sound the best they can be and impress your audiences.

Having worked with Drake, Rick Ross, and Eminem, Young Guru has a deep understanding of music production, which shines through with his unique insights.

It’s among the best DJ courses online for showcasing what DJs do in all its aspects, from beat matching to performing DJ mixes in clubs.


5. Udemy – Learn How To DJ From The Wu-Tang Clan

Like Skillshare, Udemy has established a strong reputation for hosting online tutorials and courses covering a long list of topics for its students.

Their online DJ course, Learn How to DJ from the Wu-Tang Clan, is among their most popular offerings for dedicated hip-hop DJs looking to enhance their skills.

Beginning with an overview of Serato software that prepares students for the subsequent training, it’s a course that turntablists will find plenty to learn from.

This includes a detailed overview of the turntable and its main components, such as mastering the tone wheel and knowing how to use headphones effectively.

Beyond the basics, the Learn How to DJ from the Wu-Tang Clan course explores the importance of counting bars and breaking down a song’s structure.

Intermediate courses are available that dive into using sweepers and markers, with lots of easy-to-follow exercises you can work through at your leisure.

It’s a masterclass in hip-hop DJing from the Grammy Award-nominated masters of the genre, with no prior knowledge required to sign up and get started.


4. Armin Van Buuren Masterclass

Like Pete Tong, Armin Van Buuren was instrumental in catapulting house music into the mainstream with his original tracks and popular remixes.

As such, dance music lovers are the primary market for the Armin Van Buuren Masterclass, which can be signed up for just a small monthly fee.

The course has 33 video lessons running nearly nine hours, each taking a simple concept and exploring it in detail.

It’s as focused on music producers as it is on DJing skills, with many transferable lessons to help those who want to bridge the gap between performance and production.

Lessons on using pads and leads and finding melodies explore all the fundamentals so you can learn to DJ while exploring music production skills.

If you’re unhappy with your progress, there’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try the course out before committing to the long term.

It’s another complete course from a key figure in the history of DJing that offers indispensable advice for DJs of all skill and experience levels.


3. DJ Courses Online

As the name implies, DJ Courses Online is a comprehensive collection of some of the best online courses you can find, regardless of your skill level.

Whether you’re learning how to make a DJ mix from scratch or want to know more about Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox, there’s a course here tailored to your needs.

If you’re after a beginner course, the How to DJ Masterclass will walk you through the basic DJ setups and mixing techniques to get your start in the DJ world.

Traktor users have their own dedicated set of courses to refer to, while advanced techniques can be found in a series of high-end tutorials.

Each course has been organized and edited by a professional DJ, with precise video lessons supplemented with additional training resources.

In addition to helping beginners learn to DJ, DJ Courses Online has programs dedicated to DJ career tips to promote professional DJ services.

If you’re looking for a great course to master DJing software or get your head around the more basic techniques, DJ Courses Online has what you need.


2. Udemy – How To Become A DJ

When you sign up for the Udemy: How to Become a DJ course, you’re instantly connected with some of the best and most experienced DJs in the business.

Representing excellent value for money, this course will help beginners quickly transform their skills to become on par with an experienced DJ.

It covers how to use the EQ and crossfader correctly and choose records that blend well, along with lots of practice routines to hone skills.

Mixing in key, using filters to add texture to mixes, and salvaging a mix when something goes wrong are also covered in this course.

Additional DJing techniques are also given plenty of space in the course, from mastering drops and breakdowns to performing tricks with special effects.

The course is recommended for those who have Pioneer DJ equipment and either Ableton Live or Rekordbox but can be signed up for without these tools.

It’s no surprise that, given the complexity of ideas and creative potential on offer, it’s ranked as the best-selling DJ course for beginners on Udemy.

As the name of this hugely popular course implies, this in-depth offering from Udemy is essential for anyone learning how to become a DJ and launch a successful career.


1. Digital DJ Tips

Last but by no means least, we’re exploring the courses from what many consider to be the best DJ school for online resources and educational programs.

The website Digital DJ Tips has an outstanding selection of training material for DJs of all skill levels and experience, all at competitive prices.

There are detailed, complete courses for general DJing knowledge and many courses dedicated to more niche areas of interest.

These range from how to become a mobile or wedding DJ to detailed breakdowns of DJ hardware and software of all types.

If you want to expand your repertoire of DJing tricks and transitions, you’ll find courses here to help, along with lots of advice on being a more creative DJ.

Beyond lessons covering basics such as beat matching, there are online courses for mastering key mixing and building sample sets.

Additional courses to help pick up and master scratching techniques further broaden the appeal beyond the tried-and-trusted dance music genres of DJing.

If you’re after a one-stop shop for online DJ courses worth your money, Digital DJ Tips has plenty of resources to keep you learning for months to come.



We hope you’ve found this breakdown of the best online DJ courses a handy starting point for taking your DJ skills and techniques to the next level.

With hundreds of courses available covering a broad spectrum of topics, there’s something to help even hardened DJing veterans transform their DJing style.

Whether you’re happy committing months to a course or prefer something quick and straightforward, these DJ courses are highly recommended.

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