You guys did a colossal work on the latest update of your site. It's a charm to navigate on. The DJ's charts with direct links on the songs, the scrolling window for the different mixes, improved search, and other remarkable things are just mint!

Once again, congratulations for offering this all new site that really does the work for exploring the musical stuff that DJ's need!  

Tony Sansone, DJ, Canada

 zipDJ is the honeypot of music pools. With the constant additions of promotional music weekly, I can barely keep up. Keep up the good work guys! 

DJ Nic LaBetow, USA

 Love zipDJ overall breakdown of Genres. Selection of music is high end, and the so many labels that are on zipDJ. 

DJ Peter K, Remixer/Producer, 247danceradio

 An incredible variety of genres, labels, songs, remixes, dj charts, international charts are only a few of the reasons why I use zipDJ. The quality of the music, user friendly website and staff make your search for that perfect dance floor monster for club DJs productive and enjoyable, while also being the perfect solution for radio and mobile DJs! 

Josh, DJ Ruckus, Canada

  zipDJ makes DJs lives easier. The best music, great quality and fair pricing, with remixes that are really hard to find in other places! 

Álvaro Enrique Toledano Vergara, DJ, Spain

 zipDJ has helped me reach a new level in my career! 

DJ Ticoindamix,,

 zipDJ is absolutely essential in my life! Whether I'm planning a radio show or performing in front of tens of thousands of people zipDJ allows me to stay current with all formats of music from all around the world. Without zipDJ finding new music would seem to be an impossible task in this digital age. We Love You zipDJ! 

Eric Hill, State Of The Union Radio

 zipDJ is an affordable and reliable means of getting high quality digital downloads! Not only is their customer service amazing, but the website itself is very user friendly and makes getting songs and remixes extremely easy and quick. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a top notch service. 

CJ Baker, AJ & CJs DJ Services, Canada

 zipDJ is the one-stop music service I can depend on each week for top shelf new releases. 

Randy Schläger, Music Designer, DMX, Inc., KNHC 89.5 FM - Powermix, Neighbours Nightclub, Seattle

 Thank God for zipDJ! 

DJ George Calle WKTU NY/Fever103 (live365)

 zipDJ is the best mp3 download service out there for DJ's, I have tried others and nothing compares to the quality and wide range of music genres. I love that zipDJ has singles, radio edits, club edits, dj edits and remixes. zipDJ is essential for any professional digital based DJ.

Overall, you guys are the best, no question about it!  

Terry Holdershaw, Scotia Entertainment Services, Canada

  Simply put, zipDJ is an invaluable tool for keeping fans and listeners up-to-date...  

DJ ZigZag, WAGRadio

 I can ALWAYS rely on zipDJ to provide our radio station with not only the latest music from every genre... 

Mocha Frapp, Kiss 92.5 FM/Music Director, Canada

 zipDJ is absolutely essential in my life! Whether I'm planning a radio show or performing in front of tens of thousands of people zipDJ allows me to stay current with all formats of music from all around the world...We Love You zipDJ! 

DJ Eric Hill, State Of The Union Radio


 A great service to get our promos in the right DJs hands. 

Dave Louca, Head of A&R, Big In Ibiza, UK

 I really think zipDJ is a great service: your tracks can reach all the Canadian DJs and radio stations (and now also the American Ones) simply sending the releases to zipDJ. Every time you want, you can check the status of your releases, how many DJs has downloaded them, what they think about the tracks and so on. In this way, you can get a full overview on your release. Also, zipDJ’s staff is really friendly. They are always helpful in case something doesn't work. So... Good service and good staff!! 

Letizia Pignagnoli, Promotion and Management Department, Off Limits, Italy

 For us zipDJ is a fantastic way of promoting our music in territories where we normally would have more difficulties getting the right promotion. It’s easy to work with, saves money and you are able to get your music to the right people in order to promote it. 

Dick de Groot, Owner, Be Yourself Music BV

 zipDJ services enable us to promote our tracks effortlessly and effectively with the online platform. All of our music gets to the right people at the right time. zipDJ is a great promotional tool for me. I get feedback and stats on tracks instantly. I recommend it highly. 

Josh Ritchie, National Promotion, SPG Music, Canada

 We from ToCo International want the whole world to be happy and dancing to the best music. That's why we like zipDJ so much, because they make it possible that all the best dancemusic is available for the best clubs, DJ's, radio stations and their audience. And that they appreciate our work is clear when we see all our hits in the zipDJ charts, for us this is the leading dance chart. 

Ronald van Swieten, ToCo International Records, Spain

 zipDJ is practically promotional nirvana for us at CAPP Records. The interface makes it easy for us to post our releases, and easy for DJs tosample and download them. Plus the stats and feedback let us knowimmediately how we're doing. ***** Five Stars !!!!! 

Dominique Toulon, President, Capp Records, USA

 zipDJ is probably the BEST source for promotion that I have seen in the last 20 years. It is the most comprehensive tool in promotion that lets you see exactly what your release is doing and let's you download all feedback and DJs and their comments which is very useful in my releases. And the simplicity of getting your releases on the site is amazing. It's incredible. 

Joey Batts, GM / V.P. of Promotion, Big Management, USA

 zipDJ is one of the most innovative services that offer many various facets for anyone in the music business. I recommend this to any well respecting individual in the business. 

Greg Michael, Distinctive Promo, USA

 Since their inception, Frontside has worked closely with zipDJ on a variety of projects including: Chromeo, Crystal Castles, Boys Noize and Debbie Harry. We have found them to be an invaluable resource, and a potent tool when exposing our music to DJ's. 

Justin Wachtel, Club & Record Pool Promotion, Crystal Castles | Boys Noize | Chromeo | Lets Go To War

 zipDJ is a phenomenal promotional tool to get music into the hands of tastemakers quickly and efficiently. zipDJ also supplies invaluable information that's broken down very clearly. 

Oscar Furtado, Promotions Director, Tandemtracks Promotions

 The zipDJ service provides the necessary edge for staying ahead of the curve in the merge between traditional and new media promotions. 

Jahmal Sang, Offshoot Communications, Canada

 zipDJ promo service is one of the invaluable tools that I use when getting my music out there. It reaches the right DJ's on a timely manner and provides informative stats that I use everyday. Definitely helpful and makes my job easier. 

Jody Laraya, National Urban Promotions, Universal Music Canada

 The zipDJ promo service is easy to use and it gives you all the feedbacks you have to know about your tracks. zipDJ is also the right way to get in touch with all the Canadian djs. 

Letizia Pignagnoli, Promotion, Off Limits Records, Italy

 A great promotional tool! 

Chris "The Greek" Panaghi, DJG Records, USA

 As a promoter I have never seen so much excitement in the DJ community from a Digital Delivery Service as there is for Zip It is simple to work, fast, and offers the cuts and mixes the jox want the most, Bravo! 

Harry Towers, President, Deet Promotions, USA

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