Support & FAQ

Support & FAQ

YES. Every file you download is uniquely WATERMARKED identifying YOU as the original downloader. We suggest very highly that YOU DO NOT DISTRIBUTE the files you download from zipDJ. Files found on other P2P websites that are traced back to you could lead to criminal prosecution.

Membership to zipDJ is a privilege. Be smart. Don't abuse your privileges.

Yes. All the tracks you download from zipDJ are universal MP3 files, and will play in all Media Players. You can burn MP3 files to discs with any media player that has burning capabilities.

CONFLICTS WITH INTERNET SECURITY SOFTWARE may cause your browser to revert back to the login page when you try to download a music file. Norton Personal Firewall and Zone Alarm (Pro) have a Privacy Control (sometimes simply called 'Security') feature that prevents a script on a web site from collecting information from your computer. When you turn off this feature, the zipDJ download should work fine.

The best way to solve this problem with any Internet Security or Personal Firewall software is to turn off Privacy Control while on the site. Disabling Privacy Controls will not decrease the user's computer security. What it does do is allow the web site currently viewed (zipDJ) to communicate with your computer.

For Norton Internet Security/Personal Firewall, you have two options:
1) simply turn off Privacy Control.
2) customize the security for zipDJ by adding to a list of sites, allowing the user to not have to do anything to gain access to zipDJ.

To custom configure Norton Internet Security to allow access to zipDJ, click on Privacy Control, click on CONFIGURE, and then ADVANCED, and then ADD SITE. Add in the URL and then configure all the privacy settings to PERMIT. In this case, to TURN OFF Privacy Control.

For Zone Alarm (Pro), in the Privacy section, the Cookie Control must be set to Medium (or lower), and the Mobile Code control should be set to Off. Under Cookie Control, click on Custom and uncheck "Remove private header information" under 3rd Party Cookies.

Your IE browser has its own Security setup.
1) Go to --- Tools/Internet Options. Choose the Privacy tab. Make sure the setting is on Medium, Medium Low or Medium High.
2) Active X settings:
Choose the Security tab. Click on the Internet icon. Select Custom Level and then make sure the following settings are selected:
Download signed Active X Controls = Prompt
Download unassigned Active X Controls = Disable
Run Active X Controls and Plugins = Enable
Script Active X Controls marked Safe for Security = Enable

Choose PRIVACY TAB and set as follows:
'Acquire Licenses automatically for protected content' = enable
2) Look down and under the heading Enhanced Content Provider Services, set as follows:
'Send Unique Player ID to Content Providers' = enable

Click on "My Account" in the upper menu. Click on the "My Profile" in the upper LINE TAB. Select EDIT at the bottom of the page. The page will refresh and then you can change your password in the fields at the top of the page. Make sure you click UPDATE at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

You always have control over your account. If you used a discount coupon code for promotion pricing, then you do not have to do anything. The subscription will just expire.

If you paid for a regular-priced package with a credit card through our online merchant Chase Paymentech, click on 'My Account' in the upper menu and click 'Cancel Recurring Subscription Service' line tab.If you paid using PayPal, then PayPal controls your account, and you cannot cancel your zipDJ account through your zipDJ login! To cancel your zipDJ subscription, you must login to your PayPal account and cancel your PayPal account with zipDJ.

zipDJ is equipped with a unique "Download Manager" that hold all of your downloads for the convenience of "batch" downloading with the click on one button. To place a track into the Download Manager, click on the blue download icon to the right of the song name. If your Download Manager tab has been enabled, you can see the tracks you select going into the manager's download list. You have the option to download one track at a time or as a batch.

To download as a batch, click on the green 'Batch Download' button below the list. To download a single file, click the blue download icon to the right of the song name.

We also recommend that you save your tracks to your desktop or a folder on your desktop so that you can find the tracks easily. Make sure that DESKTOP is chosen in the SAVE IN field of the Save As window.

To delete a track from the Download Manager, click the red circle to the right of the blue download button.

1. Click the Profile icon next to "Log Out" and select Profile and settings. 2. Click My Money. 3. Click Update beside "Preapproved Payments." 4. Select the payment, and then click Cancel.

You can contact zipDJ directly by email at: [email protected] ALL zipDJ members are provided with an Account Manager. Contact information to your Account Manager is included in the "Welcome" information sent to you at the time of your membership. Contact your Account Manager for a quick response.

Our audio watermarking solution is a robust technique based on the Fourier transform. The watermark is inaudible and withstands mp3 encoding, time stretching & pitch shifting, changing the sound volume, dynamics compression, trimming and DA/AD conversion including microphone recording. Our Audio files are individually watermarked with a unique identification number embedded in the music. This number is traceable directly to the authorized recipient, which allows us to identify the source of any unauthorized distribution of the music obtained from zipDJ. The watermark cannot changed or destroyed and the sound quality of the audio playback is not affected. The audio files downloaded are intended to be used solely by the authorized recipient and no portion of its contents may be distributed or reproduced in any manner, nor made available in any manner to any third party (whether by means of streaming, so-called 'peer-to-peer' networks, file-sharing or otherwise).

If you are using an older Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser (IE 7 & 8):
1. Open Internet Explorer
2. Select "internet options" in the "tools" pulldown menu
3. Click on the SECURITY tab
4. Make sure "Internet" is selected in the "Content Zone" (upper portion of the window section) and select "custom level" near the bottom of the window.
5. Reset to a "Medium", "Medium High" or "Medium Low" setting and then scroll down to "Downloads"
6. Select "Enable" for 'Automatic Prompting for File Downloads'. (for Internet Explorer 9, make sure 'File download' is enabled).
7. Close and re-launch your web browser.

Only DJs working in the Club and Radio/Mixshow sectors are required to submit a Top10 at least once every two weeks. The Top10 is compiled weekly into the zipDJ Charts, which is sent out to the global music industry

Besides being a national pool, zipDJ is also a music industry service. Part of zipDJ's commitment to the industry is the compilation of national charts. Since the music industry has long recognized the DJ as an influential part of the industry, it is extremely important that we collect a Top10 in order to compile accurate charts.

The SP2 service pak acts as a firewall for your personal added protection. When you click to download, you are prompted with the risks involved in the download. Unfortunately, this added firewall also blocks the communication between the zipDJ server and your computer. When you say yes for the download, communication is then cut. To avoid this, make the following modification:
1. Open Internet Explorer
2. Select "internet options" in the "tools" pulldown menu
3. Click on the SECURITY tab
4. Make sure "Internet" is selected in the "Content Zone" (upper portion of the window section) and select "custom level" near the bottom of the window.
5. Reset to a "Medium", Medium High" or "Medium Low" setting and then scroll down to "Downloads"
6. Select "Enable" for 'Automatic Prompting for File Downloads'
7. Close and re-launch your browser.

After login, if any of the browser fields are empty, specifically the New Release field, more than likely this is an Analytics conflict with your computer.

Third-party anti-virus or internet security may be blocking Analytics. Turning off your anti-virus application does not always stop you from being protected. You will have to manually turn off specific fields to allow Analytics to gather information. This will allow the zipDJ New Release field to populate. Look for blocking of Social Networks, Ad tracking, Analytics, and Others. For zipDJ, unblock them all.

When turning off third-party applications fails to unblock the population of fields within zipDJ for Mac and PC users, you may have a "host file" issue that is blocking Analytics. Click the following link for help: