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  • Why promote with zipDJ?

    zipDJ provides an uncompromised and secure marketing and promotion solution for your music. Our DJs listen, receive information, provide feedback, securely download and promote and market your freshest releases. The results have been proven - our DJs break records! Earn increased sales, radio spins and licensing revenue on your new releases.

    We promote and market your music to top radio DJs, radio stations and club DJs reaching over 31,946,000 potential record buyers weekly!

    zipDJ Label

    Reach Your Audience

    zipDJ's unique distribution system puts labels in total control of who gets their music and when. Dated delivery and custom distribution of releases targets club or radio DJ's, radio stations, geographic territories and more.

    Easy User-Friendly System

    Individual label control panel with secure login provides browser or FTP based upload including artist, track information and image.

    zipDJ Label

    Keep An Ear To The Ground

    You'll receive feedback on your promotional releases directly from our top club, mobile, commercial radio, satellite radio, mixshow and campus/college radio DJs, along with other industry professionals such as A&R managers, journalists/reviewers, DJ associations and record pools.

    See Results

    A unique reaction system focuses on key information labels need for marketing and promotion initiatives. Receive feedback data broken down by geographical region. Feedback ratings are expressed in the form of pie charts, percentages and raw numbers. All stats are conveniently available to download.

    For more info and statistics check out our Label Infographic here.

    Q: What does it cost to be a label partner?

    zipDJ recognizes that music copyrights have value. This is why the service is currently free of charge to qualified labels with a regular release schedule. Independent labels with less than two releases per month are encouraged to contact us for digital promotion on a per-project basis.

    Q: How is music distributed?

    We make it extremely easy for you to distribute your music through our service. Our state-of-the-art website comes equipped with a control panel interface that allows you to quickly upload music, write promotional text and receive real time feedback, download activity, distribution statistics and more. We also provide FTP access for uploading multiple releases at once.

    For labels interested in direct marketing to DJs we offer the zipPROMO service which allows you to create email marketing campaigns that are distributed to your own database.

    Q: In what format is the music distributed?

    Currently, music files are provided to zipDJ in .mp3 format, encoded at 320 kbps bitrate, with a sample rate of 44.1 kHz.


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