Open Format DJ – Expanding Your Horizons

You have probably heard of the term “Open Format DJ” before. An open format DJ is someone who blends tracks from various genres to create a diverse mix which can appeal to a wide range of audiences. As a DJ you may have spent years deeply immersed into your genre of choice. That is natural and this is how many DJs operate. However, it may be worthwhile to explore incorporating elements of open format DJing into your sets. Practicing open format sets can potentially open some new gig opportunities and attract new listeners to what you have to offer as a musical tastemaker.

Open Format DJ

Approaching an open format set will require some different skills and sensibilities that you may not be used to incorporating into your regular DJ sets. First, you will need tracks from a range of different genres. Using a record pool like ZIPDJ can help you obtain tracks from a wide selection of genres to build a more diverse library. For example, if you are a DJ who is mainly into House or Trance, there may be times where you get asked to do a club gig that requires some Hip Hop as well. Having quick access to the latest and freshest tracks from ZIPDJ will help you create an open format DJ set quickly if the need should arise

How to Mix in Open Format

If you are any kind of Dance Music DJ, you will know how producers tend to create tracks that are somewhat DJ friendly. For example, it’s a lot easier to mix from a house track to another house track since producers have generally created tracks which are somewhat easy to mix. If you are mixing from a Hip Hop track to a House track you will need to get creative with how you approach the mix. Since your Hip Hop track may not have a perfect ending section for you to blend in your next track, try using delay and other effects on your DJ mixing rig to make your transition blend in a smooth way.  There really is no science to mixing in an open format DJ style. It is an art form, and you will need to craft your own approach to it. Experimentation will be key.

ZIPDJ is Ideal for Open Format

ZIPDJ has tracks from a wide selection of genres and it is a great tool to help you build an open format DJ set. With unlimited downloads, ZIPDJ gives you the freedom to step outside of your comfort zone as a DJ and explore genres outside of your normal preferences. Members can leverage their monthly membership to expand their horizons as DJs into new genres. This can lead to new gigs as well. For example, Carnival Cruise lines usually looks for DJs to submit demos of them performing open format DJ sets in order to be considered to work on board their cruise ships.

Another Tool in your DJ Toolkit

Learning how to perform an open format set can only improve your skills as a DJ. It can also potentially open new work opportunities for you. Perhaps you are comfortable and earning well in your chosen genre. There’s nothing wrong with staying in your lane. However, if you are looking to try your hand at a more open style of DJing then definitely consider an elite record pool like ZIPDJ as an option to assist you. At ZIPDJ we have every genre you need as a DJ to expand your musical palette.