5 Common DJ Mistakes to Avoid

Experienced or not, it’s time to take a moment and see if there is something you can change that would make you a better DJ. Here are five things that are easily avoided and could cost you in future bookings, equipment repairs, and even a tarnished reputation. Ready?? Let’s jump in! Here are 5 common … Read more

The 5 Main Types Of DJs In 2023

Types of DJs

Modern DJ culture is no longer a basement sport for bedroom DJs. High profiles, big checks, and increasingly bigger crowds have vaulted many DJs to superstar status, and there’s no denying the impact DJ culture has had on the music industry and pop culture. The type of work we perform as DJs often puts us … Read more

How to Use Playlists with ZIPDJ Record Pool

How to Use ZIPDJ Playlists

There is not a DJ out there who isn’t at least a little OCD about keeping their music library organized(You know who you are…). If this is you, get ready to learn about your new favorite feature available on the latest release for ZIPDJ Record Pool. The Case For Playlists in a DJ Pool Every … Read more

How to Choose a DJ Pool

How to Choose A DJ Pool

Upfront and exclusive music is perhaps one of the greatest elements of DJ culture and it can be extremely fast-paced and competitive with the onset of mp3 downloads and internet culture. In this article, we talk about the history of DJ Pools and why they are so necessary for staying in the know as a … Read more

How DJs Find Top-Trending Music

How Djs find top trending music

“Crate digging” has drastically evolved over the years and let’s face it, while it has always been one of the exciting parts of being a DJ, less digging means more mixing! Ideally, DJs should have one place that they can rely on for not only music discovery, but also music downloading. Well folks, this is … Read more

What Genres does ZIPDJ Record Pool Include?

Have you ever wondered what genres are included with ZIPDJ? Here is a comprehensive list of the genres included with all membership levels of ZIPDJ: Acapellas Accapellas ⚬ DJ Tools Acid Adult Contemporary Afro ⚬ Latin ⚬ Brazilian Afro House Afrobeats Bachata Balearic ⚬ Downtempo Bass Bass House Bassline Big Room Big Room ⚬ EDM … Read more

Open Format DJ – Expanding Your Horizons

Open Format DJing

You have probably heard of the term “Open Format DJ” before. An open format DJ is someone who blends tracks from various genres to create a diverse mix which can appeal to a wide range of audiences. As a DJ you may have spent years deeply immersed into your genre of choice. That is natural … Read more

Why Choose A Record Pool Like ZIPDJ?

ZIPDJ – Music Discovery Reinvented DJ Record Pools have been around since the mid-70’s. Over the years, the promotional distribution channel between Record Labels and Professional DJs has adapted with technology to meet the demands of today’s digital DJs. Enter ZIPDJ. Founded in 2007, ZIPDJ was one of the first DJ Record Pools to distribute … Read more