The 10 Best DJ Podcasts To Listen To In 2023

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October 11, 2023

Best DJ Podcasts

The best DJ podcasts blend outstanding DJ mixes from the world’s leading artists and producers with interviews from music industry leaders.

Covering a broad selection of dance music genres, these podcasts are great resources for aspiring DJs looking for new and unique tracks.

Continue reading, and we’ll explore what you can expect in these outstanding podcasts, from the insightful guests to the impressive mixes.


The 10 Best DJ Podcasts To Listen To In 2023

DJ podcasts have spread throughout the internet, with thousands of options to choose from, making it difficult to know where to begin.

We’ve selected these podcasts based on their popularity and variety of content, covering multiple music genres and styles.

So, without further ado, here’s our list of the ten best DJ podcasts to listen to in 2023:


10. The Passionate DJ

We’re starting this guide to the best podcasts you can listen to with The Passionate DJ podcast, which covers a broad range of subjects.

It’s compiled by a nice mix of DJs who bring their expertise and experience to the table with informative content for gigging DJs.

If you’re a mobile or wedding DJ, there are podcast episodes here you can sink your teeth into and pick up actionable advice to enhance your career.

Additionally, there are episodes dedicated to exploring how the latest DJ technology is shaping the profession in new and exciting ways.

The Passionate DJ podcast is an insightful resource, particularly if you’re new to the DJing game and want a fast track to success.

Guests on the podcast break down the best ways to reach out to booking agents and how to set up your DJ gear at home.

It’s a fun, informative DJ podcast that is available to listen to on a variety of podcast hosting platforms as well as their official YouTube channel.


9. Beach House

Another great podcast for fans of Deep House and all related styles is the Beach House podcast from Australia.

Blending soulful deep house with club-friendly mixes, this podcast is a wonderful source of inspiration when putting together your playlists.

You can listen to the Beach House podcast on a variety of platforms, including MixCloud, Instagram, and the official YouTube channel.

There’s also an official Beach House Facebook page, which you can use to get involved in conversations with the creators and other fans.

The podcast uploads a new episode each month from the podcast’s creator, Royce Cacciardi, with the occasional guest also appearing on the show.

With a large archive of mixes to choose from, there are hundreds of hours of tracks to explore and find inspiration from when you’re next DJing in a bar.

Perhaps the only major downside to the Beach House podcast is the absence of playlists for each mix, but the creators are more than happy to answer your queries.


8. Deeper Shades Of House

As the name of this podcast implies, the Deeper Shades of House podcast is dedicated to the latest and greatest house music releases.

Featuring plenty of great mixes from the best house music DJs in the world, Deeper Shades of House is crammed to the rafters with deep house and more.

Each episode features a DJ mix showcasing the new tracks lighting up the dance floor from the leading artists in the field.

These include guest mixes from Boro, Red D, Matt Masters, and Manuel Costela, each playing the finest dance music on offer.

The podcast is regularly updated and adds several new DJ mixes each month for you to enjoy listening to in your own time.

It’s a great podcast for learning how to become a better DJ, with all the mixes presented in high-quality audio formats.

For dedicated fans, there’s a subscription available, which will also give you access to premium content and a lively forum to discuss music with like-minded artists.


7. Random Movement

Random Movement has established a solid reputation as one of the leading DJs and liquid drum and bass music producers.

In recent years, the genre has enjoyed a massive revival thanks to the success of new artists who have emerged on the scene.

He’s shared his experiences with fans for some time through his Random Movement podcast, available on iTunes and other podcast platforms.

Not only does he showcase his own latest releases through his podcast, but it’s also a great vehicle for other notable drum and bass DJs.

Atlantic Connection, Zero T, and Technimatic are just a handful of the notable guests who have appeared on Random Movement.

With well over one hundred podcasts available on Random Movement and more being added regularly, there’s no shortage of material to check out.

As with the Beats In Space Radio podcast, full playlists are available for each episode to help you build an impressive record collection.

If you’re considering starting your own DJ podcast and want some inspiration for impressive mixes, check out the Random Movement podcast today.


6. Keeping The Rave Alive

Keeping the Rave Alive is a podcast dedicated to the harder side of the dance music scene that reached its pinnacle during the rave scene.

One of the most pivotal periods in the history of DJing, rave music was characterized by its fast beat per minute and aggressive sound design.

The Keeping the Rave Alive podcast reflects this ethos, with regular mixes showcasing hardcode, jumpstyle, and happy hardcore DJs and producers.

Presented in a radio show format, these mixes are enhanced by the occasional commentary from DJ Kutsi throughout the sets.

There are some well-known DJs who have been featured on this podcast, which will be familiar to anyone who was around during the rave era.

Alex Kidd, Subversion, and Gunfingerz have all made appearances and dropped a string of classic rave tunes to thousands of listeners.

There are also detailed retrospectives for rave enthusiasts, such as the Raver Baby and Future Sound Corp retrospectives.

For those who prefer their dance music to be frenetic and high-octane, Keeping the Rave Alive captures the spirit of the movement perfectly.


5. Beats In Space Radio

The weekly radio podcast Beats In Space Radio is featured on WNYU, a radio station based out of New York University.

It’s home to plenty of great dance music DJ mixes from guests, showcasing the latest techno and house music releases you need to hear.

Each guest DJ mix is complemented with a complete playlist of the tracks played so you can pick up copies for your next set.

Some of the notable new mixes featured on Beats In Space Radio include Tim Sweeney playing the best new techno.

Tracks from Plastikman, Hudson Mohawke, and Ricardo Villalobos will keep you updated on what’s hot in the best techno clubs.

Other big-name DJs featured on the podcast include Leon Vynehall, DJ Seinfeld, and Maria Davidson, to name a few.

In addition to the DJ mixes, the podcast’s website has its own store where you can buy the featured tracks online.

If you’re a fan of cutting-edge techno and digging up electronic music hidden gems, the Beats In Space Radio podcast is a must for great mixes.

Still, if Deep House is your music genre of choice, this is a great podcast with a truly outstanding archive of mixes you can sink your teeth into and enjoy.


4. Ninja Tune

The record label Ninja Tune has been around for decades, founded by the Coldcut producers and presenting releases from the icons of underground electronic music.

As such, it’s unsurprising to discover their podcast is a veritable encyclopedia of information for aspiring and experienced DJs.

Covering everything from what DJs do to interviews with the hottest producers, the podcast has amassed a huge following over the years.

While many other podcasts focus on hosting DJ mixes, Ninja Tune is geared towards interviews and playing exclusive new music.

Some of the prestigious guests featured on the Ninja Tune podcast include The Cinematic Orchestra, Jordan Rakei, and Actress.

With these DJ producers renowned for sitting at the forefront of their field, their insights are highly valuable for any aspiring music producer.

In addition to their production expertise, these guests share their personal journey into music and the influences that have shaped their style.

The Ninja Tune podcast is a serious resource for hardcore music fans looking for a true deep dive behind the scenes of their favorite acts.


3. CLUBLIFE Tiësto

International superstar DJ Tiësto needs no introduction; recognized as one of the most famous DJs in the world and certainly one of the most successful.

Unsurprisingly, his hugely popular mix show podcast, CLUBLIFE, represents the pinnacle of the medium with some awe-inspiring track selection on offer.

With over 35,000 followers on SoundCloud, the CLUBLIFE podcast has well over 800 episodes and counting to date.

Since Tiësto is synonymous with the best in electronic music, each mix features a broad selection of classic and new, unreleased tracks in the set.

Each episode and mix runs for around an hour long and is a must for gigging DJs who need to keep on top of the latest music trends for their careers.

Tiësto also uses the podcast to keep his fans informed about the latest gigs and venues they can catch him performing at in the future.

If you’re in the mood for more mainstream club bangers that are designed to get the dance floor animated, Tiësto’s CLUBLIFE podcast should be on your list.


2. Off The Record

Off The Record takes a similar approach to DJ podcasts as Ninja Tune, with an emphasis on bringing value to the listener through its variety of interviews.

It also combines some of the best elements of The Passionate DJ Podcast, helping DJs find their feet professionally and pick up new gigs.

Additionally, if you’re a music producer trying to break into the industry, there are episodes dedicated to the best ways to get your releases into the media.

This broad-brush approach to content doesn’t impact the overall quality, and each episode is presented by an articulate and experienced host and guests.

Many industry professionals have appeared on Off The Record, working for national radio stations and major international record labels.

There are also informative episodes exploring how to set up social media pages and work on your DJ branding to get the most impact from your efforts.


1. Resident Advisor

The go-to online resource for dance music fans looking for the best underground DJs to check out, Resident Advisor oozes dedication to the craft.

Established in 2001, Resident Advisor has established a solid reputation for showcasing the most iconic artists and events worldwide.

This dedication and commitment to cutting-edge music comes through fully in their informative podcast, which is presented on a weekly basis.

Internationally renowned producers and DJs make frequent appearances on the podcast to discuss their industry experiences.

These guests also deliver exclusive DJ sets for the podcast, providing a full tracklist so fans can get straight to the source.

The range of guests is impressive, including interviews and sets from house music luminary Todd Terry and techno whizz Ruby Savage.

With DJ mixes running around the one-hour mark and plenty of archived material to explore, the Resident Advisor podcast comes highly recommended.



That concludes this guide to the best DJ podcasts from some of the biggest names in the music industry, as well as dedicated hobbyists.

Whether you’re a techno or drum and bass fan, these exceptional podcasts demonstrate the very best music from the true pioneering DJs.

In addition to being sources of inspiration for your sets, these podcasts offer valuable insights into the profession through their in-depth interviews.


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