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Land of Voodoo

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Pro-B-Tech Records

Progressive Grooves Records

Promark Music

Promo DeeJays Records

Promo Palace

Protoxic Records


Pukka Up Records

Pulsar Recordings

Pulse Code Records

Pulsive Media

Punks Music

Pure Funk Records

Pure Logic Recordings

Purple Moon

Push On Music

Pyro Records

Python Records

Qryptonik Records

QSB Productions

Quanza Records

Quark Records

Quote Records

Rack Records Music

Radikal Records

RadioKillaZ Recordings

Rainysongs Digital

Rambunktious Records (Miami)

Raveline Recordings

Raven Digital

Raw Aquatic Records

Rawthentic Music

RBL Music

RCA Records

RDA Records

RDJ Music

Rebirth Records

Recode Recordings

Recoverworld Label Group

Recovery Collective

Red Audio Records

Red Clover

Red5 Digital

Redbox Records


RedSeaTrance / RedSeaDance Records

Regular Beats Records

Release Musiq

Release Records

Rene Records

Renesanz Records

Reoralin Records

Reprise Records

Reps Up

Restricted Recordings


Reverb Records

Reverse Records

RGMusic Records

Rigid Records

Rimoshee Recordings

Ring Mode Records

Rise Records

Riv Records

RkDeepLove Records

RM Records

RNC Music

Roadman Records

Roadrunner Records USA

Robbins Entertainment

Robeter Productions

Roc A Fella Records

Rockforce Records


Rockstarz Digital

Rondo Music

Rooftop Records


Rough Luxury Records

Rough Stuff Records


Royal Music Paris

Royal Supreme

RoyToys Recordings

Ryal Music

S2 Records


S2H Digital

Safari Music

Saifam Group

Salt Shaker Music

Salted Music

Salty Tech Records

San Trincha Music

Sandy Records

Sanex Music

Scratched Rhythms

Sea To Sun Recordings

Seamless Recordings

Sense Media

Serial Recordings

Serial Records

Servo Digital

Seven Island Records

Sex In The House Digital

SGRF Records

Shaboom Records

Shake Records

Share Records

Sheeva Records

Shema Records

ShiftAxis Records

shOO Records

Shore Records

Shot2funk Records

Sibilant Records

Side Records

Sidelake Underground

Silvana Records

Silveross Records

Simplify Recordings

Sire Records

Sirup Music

Skint Records

Slam Recordings

Slammin Muzik

SMC Recordings

Smilax Publishing

Snappin Music

So Lo Recordings

So Pink Management

Sobel Nation Records

Sobel Promotions

Social Security Records

Socoloco Music

Soiree Records

Solid prod 360

Sonar Bliss Records

Sonica London

Soniquarium Muzika

Sons Of Noise Records

Soul Candi Records

Soul Shift Music

SoulDeep Records

SoulHeat Records

Soulman Music

Sound Beat Records

Sound Division

Sound Found Music Group

Sound Lab

Sound Management Corporation

SoundBit Label

SoundGroove Records

SoundShapes Recordings

SoundTribe Rekords


Soundz Good

Southern Comfort Entertainment

Southside Recordings

Soviet Recordings

Sparks Music

Spektra Recordings



Spundae Black

Star 69 Records

Stardome Recordings

StarsHit Recordings

Starter Records

State Unknown

Static Delight Records

Stay Tuned Records

Stealth Records

Stellar Fountain

Stellar Phonics Recordings

Stem & Leaf

StepSal Music

Stereo FX

Stereo Martini Records

Stereo Productions

Stereolove Records

Stones Throw Records

Stoney Boy Music

Stop & Replay Records

StopListenDance Records

Stosh Records

Straight Up!

Strangers In Paradise


Stratosfera Records

Strawberry Digital Made

Strictly Rhythm Records


Strobe Records

Stush Records

Style Records

Sub Level Music

Subtone Records

SUESSE Records

Summits Records / Stick Music

Sunset Corporation of America, Inc.


Supalife Records

Supermarket Records

Superstar Entertainment

Supreme Dance Records


Swings Records

Swishcraft Music

Symphonic Distribution

Symphonik Records

System Recordings

T Dance Digital

Tandemtracks Promotions

TAO Recordings


Tazmania Records

TC Music, LLC

Techibeats Records

TechnoLogika Records

Teknik Records

TendenziA Records

Terminal 4

Terratraxx Recordings

Teta Making Music

TFB White

THaF Records

The Groove Society

The MuseBox

The R. Entertainment

The Remix Label

The Slip Records

The Stereo Flow Music Group

The World Is Mine Rec


Think Militant Records

Thompsonic Recordings

Thoughtless Music

THP Music

Thrive Records

Thump Records

Thump Records

Tilt Rock Records

Time Records

Timeless Records

Tish Tish

ToCo International


Tommy Boy

Toolstyle Records

Topkapi Musik

Topmodel Records

Total Freedom Recordings

Toubkal Records

Touch It Records

Tough Stuff!


Toy Robot Records

Transitori Music

Traxacid Records

Tre'dmarks Music Group

Trident Music

Trinity Musix / Pimp Music

Trio Recordings

Trombax Records

TronTronic Entertainment

Trynacria Records

Turbulence Records

Turning Wheel

TVI Records

Tweak Spin

Twelve Records

Tycoon Records

Tyme Records

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UC Records

Ultra Music Canada

Ultra Records

Ulysse Records

Undefeated Records

Under Pressure Records

Undercool Productions

Underground Solution

Undertechnical Recordings

Undiscovered Recordings

Uniform Beat

United Recordings

Universal Dance South Africa

Universal Republic

Unofficial Records

Unseen Lab Recordings

UR Recordings

Urban Joints Music

Urban Sound Of Amsterdam

Urbantribes Records

URBNET Communications Inc.

URBR Underground Records Brasil

Used And Abused Music

V2 Nightworker Records

Vacau Recordings

Vainglory Recordings

Valholla Entertainment

van Doorm Music

Vandit Records

Vector Mode Records

vi tva Records

Vicious Recordings

Victauril Records

Victim Sounds

Vinyl Sounds Better

VinylJunkie PR

Viral Beat Recordings

Virgin Records

Vitamin Hertz

VL Records

Voodoo Music

Vortek Records

Voxo Music Group

VP Records

VS Musik Recordings

Vudu Spellz Entertainment

Waking Monster Media

Walboomers Records

Wandering Worx Music

Wanted Music

Warehouse Records

Warner Bros.

Wave Music

Wax Records

We Are Intelligence

We Love Techno

We Play Acid


Wearerussians Records

Weather Beats


Western Bloc

WeW Records

Whammo Music

Wheela Music Group

White Lips

Who Is Louise Records

Whooz Records

Win Music

Wireless Music Records

Withus Records

WOD Music

World Live Music & Distribution

World Of Fame Records

Wormland Music

Wreked Records Worldwide



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zipDJ Italy

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