Why choose zipDJ?

zipDJ is the world's leading legal digital DJ pool catering to elite club, mobile, commercial radio, online radio, mix-show, and campus/college radio DJs. The zipDJ website is State-Of-The-Art and specifically designed for industry needs - there is no other online music service like it. A brilliantly designed interface allows for easy navigation - browse, listen, and download all on one page. Over 1700 major and independent record labels bring you their priority music releases, including all mixes, on a daily basis.

Industry Leading Music Collection

Download all the music you need. All mixes & genres that matter - including Dance, House, Urban, Pop, Rock/Alternative, Adult Contemporary, Country, and Latin. Access special advanced music & remixes, plus read key information about releases and preview every mix separately and effortlessly.

Find Tracks Quickly

Do you have a specific artist or song you are looking for? Our intelligent search engine allows users to submit a keyword search with the ability to select specific content-type searching which can be filtered by Artist, Release, Track, Label, or by Genre.

Unlimited Downloading

Thats right, you read it correctly! One of the major benefits of being a zipDJ member is the ability to download as much of music you need. Our Download Manager allows you to select the tracks you want, then download whenever you’re ready, in one convenient .ZIP batch archive file all pre meta-tagged. It just doesn’t get easier than that!

Get Your Voice Out

...DJ's step up your game be heard in the industry! The labels care about your opinion on the music they release. As a club or radio DJ, you make or break records! Submit your feedback directly to labels by rating and commenting on releases so Labels and Artists can better understand the type of music you need, and why you need it.


Q: zipDJ seems to be pricier than other music pools. Why is this?

Simply put, we're able to offer what the competition can't:

1. Unlimited downloads of the most upfront music. Get all the music you need, whenever you need it. No limits!
2. First class customer service: 24/7 technical and customer support!
3. The widest variety of genres and high quality music: Whether you play Rock, House, R&B, Hiphop, Reggae, Trance, or all of the above, you'll be taken care of!
4. Over 1500+ international label partnerships: This means you'll have access to a GIANT collection of hits to choose from.
5. A truly state-of-the-art, user friendly and efficient website: Find the music you need quickly, and download everything in one zip file. Doesn't get easier than that.

We're also sanctioned by various agencies that we pay royalties to, which is part of running a completely legit business. Try us out today, and we think you'll agree we're worth every dollar.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept, and will I be billed every month?

We accept all major credit cards, as well as Paypal payments. All regular priced subscriptions automatically recur, however members can make changes easily from their Account portal.

Q: How will I know if zipDJ is right for me?

We understand there are many difficult choices in life, and for DJs, picking the right music pool is up there right next to marriage, children, your first home, etc. This is why we offer all approved, first-time registrants a reduced-rate "Introductory Offer". You'll get full access to zipDJ at little risk for 30% off the monthly rate ($35) for your first month so you can give the site a REAL test drive. Sound good? Register now!

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